Blockchain Trend: Are we in the golden age of the economic and social transformation of the world?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 6 Oct 2019


The journey towards technological innovation has been maintained at an upward pace and has been setting a greater maturity towards the acceptance of the new emerging digital trends that have been made in recent years.

Through the different analyzes of the surrounding markets today, it has been observed that with the advancement of these new evolutionary processes worldwide, the challenges that have arisen range from small, medium and large scales, both for participatory media Private and public.

Although these new social and financial tools are still far from being consolidated, the acceptance of this transformation is very notable in organizations and entities (public and private), with an increasing prominence of 5 to 8%, private and public, from 10 to 15 %, the rest are not yet decided if they enter to study and apply this new digital paradigm. However, in all this there is a determined will to promote the new digital tools offered by blockchain technology and all its applications.


There are key factors to follow for the upward transformation of your applications:

- One of them would be to build spaces for recreation and learning of the smart contracts that this technology offers.

- Value the different transformation initiatives in emerging technologies, investing time and dedication in it.

- To break down the different problems that can be solved in society by facilitative sectors, a better understanding of the usability that would be given to blockchain technology in the financial and social fields.

During these last years the different organizations involved have focused their efforts on adopting the technology necessary to meet these expectations. However, the main challenge now is to move the applications and these improvements to the daily life of the users and ensure that the speed of technological transformation is aligned in all appropriate directions.

Final note:

Of course, after all, the Blockchain and the new trends are not a magic wand that will solve all the problems that exist, it will also not make better people, nor polish badly routed ethics, whoever intends to deceive will continue trying, with or without blockchain in the middle. But it will redesign new experiences, eliminate some of the concerns or precautions that assail our day to day, reduce stress factors such as uncertainty or distrust.



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