Because and how I get to Holding CryptoMoney such as TRX, BTT, Kin, HOT and doge.

Because and how I get to Holding CryptoMoney such as TRX, BTT, Kin, HOT and doge.

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 6 Jul 2019

Hello to all the great community of Publish0x, Thanks to this great team for offering each of us the possibility of expressing ourselves and participating in this event, which gives us the opportunity to integrate much more with this type of project.
Before talking a bit about my currencies in hold, I want to offer you a little anecdote that happened to me when I entered the world of the crypto, I always liked to look for new Horizons to get rid of a little of the work with slaves, in my beginnings I began dabbling in pages ptc, Freelance, etc and see where it ends hehehe, I think it was one of the best opportunities that have been presented so far in the lives of all.


After they talked to me and heard about the bitcoin that was my first investment in cryptocurrencies, I was very excited and excited about the topic of cryptomoney trading, I met people who knew about it, and they made good money for them, I just listened his comments "Perform an operation with a profit of 50 or $ 100" and things like that, I said this is mine. Later on I realized that trading is easy to say but difficult to do, I learned the hard way that you should study a lot before looking into it, and even then you always have the possibility of losing a lot of money, of course sometimes earn money but also helped me boom and volatility that had the cryptomonedas.

When I had already given up on that idea of ​​continuing with trading, I was subscribed to a website that gave signals about some crypto, to all this I call the attention one in particular which for then called Raiblocks (XRB) which is currently Nano, after losing almost everything I had left to invest decided that I should buy that currency and hold it for the future because I investigated about the project and it looked solid and promising, by then I was quite ignorant and careless about some things about the exchange I made my $ 7 transaction to the exchage and then buy it, I spent 1 hour and had not yet reached the money, I decided to wait a little longer, I spent that day and still did not arrive, so weird that the transaction was not effective? , when I checked there the transaction was more but I did not fix the minimum deposit I had that cryptomoneda I sent, the minimum was $ 10 and I sent $ 7, I never reached the exchange, with that small amount day buy 10000 coins of Raiblocks, much more annoyance I ended up 3 weeks later every time Coinmarketcap reviewed that cryptomoneda of a value so low that it was 0.0007 it would increase every day more and more until it reaches $ 35, it could have won $ 350,000 with just this operation.



This little traumatic experience taught me that I should be more aware when making any transaction and even more that it is always good to study a little the project to which we want to invest, the market of cryptocurrencies is not only for the speculative market as usual, we must support the project that is behind the cryptomonedas, this strengthens them more, to continue offering the maximum that can generate in the future. "For these reasons already exposed I decided to start holding hold tokens and cryptocurrencies that maintain solid projects that in the future can give me great surprises that allow me to have a better well-being in life".


I am currently starting again to buy and holding some Cryptocoins that I own in several Wallet.


Wallet Coinpayment



Wallet Freewallet


Wallet yobit


Note: I have not yet decided where to store this token, it is not advisable to have them in the exchange.


Why did I decide to invest my money in the Cryptomeda Kin (kin)?


I joined kin's investment because it is a cryptomoneda with a solid and concise project that allows the integration of users and programmers to a sustainable ecosystem, where the ideas receive the corresponding support. It also offers a stable source of income for those Programmers who wish to participate in its adoption, even though there were many problems and a demand from the United States, I think it is a domed giant that still needs to give its best. yes, thanks to kin the first organization that defends the projects on cryptocurrencies has been founded and has a good amount of funds for it, from now on, only this step that he gave does not give a small idea of ​​how important this could be. digital asset I intend to keep hold in the long term to bet on it until it raises its head as many have done, of course their applications are what most call my attention since they have been becoming popular among young people today. You will have to compete with a tough opponent like the Facebook Pound, but you only have to wait if you achieve your ambitions, which with your chat applications growing in popularity has a very good chance of success.


I made a good investment of my money in the Cryptomeda Tron (TRX)?

I think the answer is yes, I invested in Tron because I call my atention since it is one of the pioneer cryptomonedas to venture into the video game industry. I am a lover of this genre. I think that this project will contribute a lot but much to this field. a not too distant future will be completely changed, both the way to play and to see this industry that currently generates more divide than the film industry itself that has many more years, this will open a new possibility to generate income just by spending a good weird playing video games. And you can also have digital assets that you can earn, save, exchange and sell whenever you want, is an innovation that will give much that speaks in the medium and long term. Of course this tron ​​has not been exempt from trying to prevent it from proving in this jungle full of poisonous animals, but still, also built a platform for distribution of content and application of data that promises to eliminate intermediaries and connect to content creators directly with consumers. TRON is closing the gaps between the current advances in the technology of the block chain and the financial world by creating a platform that is in charge of helping other companies to take the decentralization route.



How do I earn and invest in Bittorren (Btt)?

This cryptomoneda is a acquisition of tron ​​to further expand its horizons, it was also created to integrate and distribute content to users, who has not heard of Bittorren is the most used platform to download and upload content for free. I got my initial coins for an airdrop they made when they went to the market, later Increase my coins buying a few thousand more, this project is to have a magnifying glass on it since it is also a very promising project since it has been integrated into a Card Bittorrent that promises to attract many more investors to the project.
Both BitTorrent and the parent company TRON share a vision of a decentralized Internet without barriers. I will have my coins stored for a good time with great hopes for their future development.




Because inverti in Holo Token (hot)

I decided to invest in Holo token (hot), because it is a well-done project to blindly bet on the future, it is a storage platform focused on cloud storage for distributed applications and an alternative to block chains. It has very good bases as an open source project. This project is based on Holochain technology, this technology is a completely new solution in the cryptocurrency market. The project has 2 fundamental objectives which are to generate decentralized applications in their entirety and create a scalable and feasible billing infrastructure for all. and finally provides a data structure that allows users to build their own private or public chains. Each Holochain user carries a unique digital signature to help avoid unwanted manipulation of their data. Not bad to expect a good perspective and adoption of this digital asset, only time will tell how much this project is developed.




I still make transactions, I bet and I hold Hold Dogecoin (doge)

Although dogecoin is a project that was considered abandoned and of little interest, this coin I think is one of the most used in the market of cryptocurrencies, thanks to its easy way to trade, since in almost any exchange and where unless you expect to accept dogecoin, also has a very low commission compared to other cryptomonedas, in my case almost all transactions that I do with it, so far I have not had any problems. Of course I really do not think it will have a significant increase in the future because it does not have a specific project and bases, but no one knows the rounds that life gives and it is better to be safe than sorry, keeping some doges in the future.




Thank you for allowing me to express myself and encourage much more enthusiastic spirit that characterizes us with those with high hopes in the active crypto, I wish good luck to the entire community Publish0x, I believe in each of the projects that are to come, I like to see that The possibilities offered by these new social and economic trends are a good opportunity for all without any distinction and much better without having intermediaries.



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