Are the successes of BNB and the failures of XRP the beginning of a new era of the cryptocurrency market?

By derwin25 | Worldinfo | 5 Aug 2019


On the way to creating an ideal cryptocurrency capable of showing the highest dispersion rate, some players have lost their initial "transparent" development path. This fact was pointed out by many participants of the cryptocurrency community, which reflects the liquid market capitalization calendar of the most important currencies presented below.

Thanks to Binance's efforts to promote its internal account, BNB led the liquidity growth program of the year, with a capitalization growth of 380%. Bitcoin and Litecoin, given its wide dissemination, were able to reach the top three positions thanks to the results of last year. This information reflects the sentiment of investors, with XRP, the most effective alcoin in 2017, which has registered a very considerable fall.




Is the market becoming more rational and demanding in terms of transparency of monetary policy?

XRP and XLM have the lowest relationship between the number of chips in circulation and the volume of chips not made and the lowest price indicators for the current year. In addition, the competition of a future Libra can also be important.

The claims to Facebook and the probable centralization of Libra are probably the same problems that XRP faced. Therefore, the growing need for market participants in a transparent policy of Libra Facebook could also have an impact on the XRP ecosystem, which affected the market price of the asset.

While XRP has strengthened its position in cryptography as a means of unimpeded cross-border payments, its recent decline can be explained by the dislike of the community to participate in the game of banking structures. Many of Ripple's associations and societies were perceived as negative and did not contribute anything good to the XRP token.

In addition, Libra Facebook may have been involved in the constant fall in XRP costs in recent weeks, due to the fact that this "XRP killer" promises a similar financial infrastructure, in addition to its unprecedented user base throughout the world. While US regulators threaten the future of Libra as a digital asset, cryptocurrency or whatever you want to call this future currency, the increase in liquidity of the BNB and the opposite trajectory of XRP have begun to cause a growing surprise among enthusiasts from the cryptocurrency community. Apparently we are at the beginning of a new era of more mature and solid cryptocurrency market development.

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