Part 1 - Introduction



At the beginning I would like to explain what to expect from this blog. I like to travel, to take pictures, to read and I will try to put it all together. Firstly, I am going to write about our trip in Iceland, and each post will contain my own photos of the country, with useful information and tips, and I will also add interesting quotes from the books I have read.

The posts will look as follow.

Photo with an interesting quote:

Example - mushroom in the grass

                   People are waiting to be told what to do. S. Godin


For each quote there will be the source - usually the name of the book with the author.

Okay, this was just the introduction, in the next posts I will start to add information about our trip in Iceland. Thank you and see you soon.





Quote from a book:

Linchpin: Are you indispensable? Seth Godin



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Dealing with food science, nanotechnology, web programming and development, cryptocurrencies. I love reading, traveling or taking pics

World, travelling, photos and quotes
World, travelling, photos and quotes

I will try to put together my experiences about travelling all around the world with photos of interesting places I saw, and finally, I will add some motivational quotes.

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