The number of XRP whales is growing rapidly. Analysts give positive forecasts

By World Crypto | World Crypto | 18 Nov 2020

Crypto strategist Scott Melker said he was optimistic about XRP. In the crypto space, he is known as the Wolf of All Streets and often tweets his thoughts on digital asset prices.

So, in his opinion, XRP may soon reach $0.33, which is about 10% higher than the current price.

One user commented on Melker's post:

The last time I had a long-term position in XRP was in 2017. Now it's time to reopen XRP long with the 1: 1 Spark airdrop in December 2020. I see a buy signal ...

As if in confirmation of bullish sentiment, the publication of the analytical platform Santiment states that the number of XRP whales is growing rapidly.

XRP has an impressive + 8.4% over the week, and is currently the # 1 asset that is gaining momentum in discussions on crypto platforms. The rise in the number of coin holders holding large amounts of XRP is evident as addresses with 10-1 million tokens set a new record.

In addition, Santiment analysts presented the distribution of addresses in accordance with the XRP balance:

  • 10-100 XRP - 1.45 million addresses
  • 100-1000 XRP - 332,660 addresses
  • 1,000-10,000 XRP - 256,340 addresses
  • 10,000-100,000 XRP - 104,430 addresses
  • 100,000 - 1 million XRP - 17,658 addresses
  • 1 million to 10 million XRP - 1,350 addresses
  • 10 million XRP and above - 307 addresses

The cryptocurrency market is now rife with optimistic forecasts for all cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin continues to rise in value.

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