amazing SEASON 1!

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What an amazing first season!

We had 22464 active players, with the top player earning over $5k!

Be sure to stock up on #NFTs before Season 2 kicks off 30th March









Season 2 expands the players' horizons into exciting new depths — prepare to get crafty! 🔨



Today is sadly the final day of Dungeon Master Season 1.

No worries though, Season 2 will kick off 30th March and be better than ever!





Take a look










Goal & Gameplay

As a player, you are free to set your own goals in the Dungeon Master. Ultimately, it comes down to getting the desired NFT loot in as few dungeon runs as possible.


In essence, you will be assuming the role of the dungeon master, hiding treasures represented as NFTs in the dungeon for your Wombats to find. You will be able to choose other intervals starting from season 1 — but your final reward will be calculated and issued once in 24 hours.


Upon return, Wombats return the hidden treasure along with other things they may find underground. You’ll be able to claim any of the loot from your Wombat’s dungeon run upon completion of the 24 hours duration.


From a technical perspective, you will need to stake any NFTs the dungeon master hides in the dungeon. As long as they are staked, these NFTs are unavailable for any other transactions or e.g. to be used within Womplay. Should any NFTs you own entitle you to NFTs, crypto or other types of rewards in an airdrop, you will not be able to receive these if your NFTs are staked.


The max number of NFTs staked per blockchain is 100. If you no longer wish to use the staked NFTs in the Dungeon Master, you can unstake them at any time, however, these NFTs will become available for claiming back after 24 hours.



At the end of a dungeon run, players receive various types of rewards. These rewards include:



URANIUM (in upcoming seasons)

MATERIALS (in upcoming seasons)

Every 24 hours, you have a chance to receive an NFT pack containing at least two items along with your point rewards. The minimum drop rate for a pack is 5%. It is subject to change. The factors include, but are not limited to, items applied by players, special arrangements as part of partner agreements, special events, conditions set for the user-generated dungeons and so forth...  









The dungeons are calling! Let's see how you fare as the Dungeon Master 🧙‍♂️


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