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Free To Use Music -- I Made a Longer and Faster Version of a Great Workout / Gaming Song + I Think It's Better Than The Original

TLDR: Today I am sharing one of my favorite gaming/ workout songs with you. I like it so much that I made both a long version of the track and additionally, I made a longer and faster version.


In my search for the best free (either copyright free or free to use in YouTube Videos) music, I found the song "Warrior" by "JACKZ7Z". As far as I can tell this is a widely unknown song by an artist that flies just as much under the radar as the song itself. However, I actually like the song a lot and I think you might like it as well. 

I used this song in many of my workouts already. However, I found one big and one small issue with it: The track is not long enough for my taste. So I took it upon myself to create a long version. The result is the following:

Please have a listen and tell me what you think in the comments. 

The song fits fast exercises such as jumping-related exercises. I also like it a lot for my HIIT workouts. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The idea is that you power through the workout for 30 to 60 seconds per exercise, take a total of 5 to 6 exercises per set, then take a rest so that your pulse reduces to about 50% of your maximum heart rate. The point is: You need music that motivates you as much as possible during the power phase. That song is almost perfect for that purpose.

You know what would make it perfect? A faster version of that song. Here you go:

Let me know which version you prefer. My favorite is the faster version. Fun fact: If you listen closely, you might hear that the second version is in a slightly higher pitch. I could easily have made the song faster without changing the pitch, but I consciously opted to raise the pitch. I think that gives you the extra push in a workout. Or it would push you harder in an intense gaming session. Would you agree?

If you are a content creator, check the original song for information that you need to include in the description of your video. Feel free to use my long version or the longer and faster version. If you do, please link to my YouTube video above.

PS: I used the free video editor "VSDC" to create the music visualization video to the song. However, my video editing skills were extremely poor at the time. Check out my later music visualisation videos. They are much improved...


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Workout Playlists

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