Full List of iExec (RLC) Partnerships (2020)

By list3r | WordStock | 2 Apr 2020

Hey guys :) I’m back with another long list of partnerships for yet another project with incredible potential, iExec (RLC). I dive into each and every one of their partnerships and give you all the juicy details worth knowing about.

If you’re unfamiliar with iExec, I’ll give you a quick summary:

iExec is reinventing cloud computing by leveraging the power of the decentralized Ethereum blockchain with its revolutionary open-source cloud computing software and protocols. 

They are creating the next generation of IT infrastructure by building a new cloud computing platform that provides scalable, secure, and easy access to cloud computing resources for distributed applications (dapps). 

Overall, I would say that iExec is almost on the same level of importance as Chainlink (LINK), so you should not turn a blind eye to this one.

Also, if you haven’t seen my Chainlink (LINK) piece, be sure to check that out too, as both LINK and RLC are poised to dominate in this market, especially in the realm of Ethereum DeFi.

Hope you enjoy!

Full List

  1. Chainlink (Source)
  2. Genesis Cloud (Source)
  3. IBM Cloud (Source)
  4. H7 (Source)
  5. Alibaba Cloud (Source)
  6. BPI France (Source)
  7. Scontain (Source)
  8. Shift (Source)
  9. Fortanix (Source)
  10. TFCloud (Source)
  11. Nerdalize (Source)
  12. Intel (Source)
  13. RSK (Source)
  14. Ubisoft (Source)
  15. Cloud & Heat (Source)
  16. Stimergy (Source)
  17. OpenFog (Source)
  18. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) (Source)

Partnerships in Detail

1. Chainlink



January 31, 2020: iExec and Chainlink are collaborating to address the complex off-chain needs of next-generation decentralized applications. This collaboration will allow developers to easily leverage their technologies together as a complete off-chain solution for the next wave of decentralized applications. Together, iExec and Chainlink can dramatically improve and impact the Ethereum DeFi movement.

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides smart contracts with secure and reliable off-chain data. It does this by acting as the middleware between blockchains and real-world data sources including data providers, web APIs, enterprise systems, cloud providers, IoT devices, payment systems, other blockchains and much more.

2. Genesis Cloud



December 18, 2019: iExec onboarded Genesis Cloud as a new cloud computing provider to deliver GPU computing. Together, iExec and Genesis Cloud will provide companies with reliable cloud computing particularly for machine learning, visual effects rendering, big data analytics or cognitive computing. Already, the fifth-largest utility company in the world, GDF, is running heavy data workloads on Genesis Cloud using iExec.

Genesis Cloud is a company with a fleet of machines that provides high-performance GPU cloud computing at a very low cost. The company has some of the largest and most efficient GPU data centers in the world and provides reliable cloud computing services to very large companies and corporations around the world.

3. IBM Cloud



November 7, 2019: IBM released its IBM Cloud Data Shield Technology to allow companies to deploy decentralized cloud solutions with a state-of-the-art level of security. iExec has collaborated with IBM in the deployment of this technology and is using it to protect Blockchain-based dapps executing in the iExec decentralized cloud. Additionally, with the use of iExec’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), iExec was instrumental in providing inputs that drove capabilities like secrets provisioning and attestation in the IBM Cloud Data Shield product.

IBM Cloud provides enterprise businesses with a suite of advanced data and AI tools for cloud computing. IBM’s cloud computing platform offers over 170 products and services covering data, containers, AI, IoT, and blockchain.

4. H7



March 15, 2019: iExec has partnered with H7 – an incubator for startups – as an ‘Expert of Blockchain Technology’. Through this partnership, iExec will serve as an expert in the field of blockchain and support various blockchain startups on the H7 campus. They will run workshops and remain present on the campus to allow for regular follow-ups with projects.

H7 is an incubator for startups located in the heart of the Confluence district in Lyon. The space occupied by H7 is a former nineteenth-century steel fabrication factory that has been refurbished into a working space for startups. 

5. Alibaba Cloud



March 12, 2019: iExec has built the first-ever blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for trading cloud computing resources. In this marketplace, Alibaba Cloud has begun providing Encrypted Computing powered by Intel SGX, to support the iExec Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) solution. Now, iExec’s TEE can be run on the Alibaba Cloud trusted worker pool to allow for the monetization of data sets. 

Alibaba Cloud is a division of Alibaba Group that provides a suite of global cloud computing services to power Alibaba’s own e-commerce ecosystem as well as international customers’ online businesses. Alibaba Cloud has over 1 million paying customers, services 200+ countries and regions, has 2,800+ CDN nodes worldwide, and is ranked number 3 in global market share.

6. BPI France



February 20, 2019: iExec was selected as a winner of the ‘Investment for the Future’ program by BPI France, a French public investment bank. As an award for winning the program, iExec received an investment of 2 million Euros.

BPI France is an entrepreneur-centric and decentralized public investment bank that strives to favor the growth of the French economy. The bank supports innovation and delivers massive programs to innovative entrepreneurs and small to mid-cap startups. 

7. Scontain (SCONE)



November 9, 2018: iExec and Sontain entered a partnership to enable the secure execution of blockchain solutions using enclave technology. iExec’s End-to-End (E2E) Trusted Execution solution is based on the SCONE framework provided by Scontain, and it enables the secure execution of dapps using Intel SGX enclaves. iExec will continue its partnership with Scontain to tackle the challenges for future versions of iExec and ensure it provides trusted computing solutions.

Scontain developed the SCONE framework which runs programs inside secure enclaves preventing attackers with root access from stealing secrets from them. SCONE enables confidential computing of containers and host programs using Intel SGX.

8. Shift



October 12, 2018: iExec collaborated with ShanghaiTech University, specifically the ‘SHIFT’ (Shanghai Institute of Fog Computing Technology) to develop an iExec dapp under the name SLAM Robot, with ‘SLAM’, standing for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping.

SHIFT is a division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that does research focused on big-data and security in fog computing and the next-generation of communication through fog and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

9. Fortanix



March 18, 2018: As part of iExec’s partnership with IBM Cloud, iExec is also partnered with Fortanix and uses its Fortaniz Runtime Encryption Platform alongside Intel SGX technology. With Fortanix’s technology, iExec is able to protect and scale dapps leveraging their decentralized cloud composed of untrusted nodes.

Fortanix offers best-in-class security solutions for cloud computing data by using its proprietary Runtime Encryption which protects data in use, providing complete security protection throughout the lifecycle of the data.

10. TFCloud



May 29, 2018: iExec and TFCloud signed a partnership agreement towards providing decentralized cloud solutions. With this partnership, TFCloud will deploy its machines on the iExec network, making its resources available for users who wish to execute computations on the iExec Marketplace.

TFCloud is an established cloud provider in China with notable customers including China Union Pay, China Minsheng Bank, China Citi Bank, Wanda Group, Henfeng Bank, China Telecom, Tsinghua University, and more. TFCloud offers its customers both managed cloud and distributed storage services.

11. Nerdalize



May 25, 2018: iExec and Nerdalize entered a strategic partnership agreement towards providing sustainable cloud solutions to distributed blockchain applications (dapps). Nerdalize now sells its cloud resources through the decentralized iExec cloud computing marketplace as they’re part of the initial group of private workers in the iExec marketplace.

Nerdalize is a startup company constructing a different kind of cloud from that of the traditional huge data centers. The company is distributing its servers over homes and using their residual heat to warm their homes and showers. The company is making an effort to scale up computations without wasting CO2 or money.

12. Intel



May 16, 2018: To improve the security of the iExec decentralized cloud, the project has partnered with Intel to leverage Intel SGX technology to improve security and provide privacy-preserving off-chain computing. This partnership was initiated in the context of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) as both iExec and Intel are EEA members. The Intel and iExec partnership have also led to the launch of a new EEA working group focusing on off-chain capabilities.

Intel is a multinational corporation and technology company that develops world-leading computer hardware and software. Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology is the only technology that can protect data in use through hardware-based server security.

13. RSK



May 14, 2018: iExec has partnered with RSK to provide off-chain computing to Bitcoin applications. With iExec, the capabilities of RSK’s decentralized Bitcoin applications can be expanded with access to on-demand and scalable cloud computing resources. Through the iExec and RSK partnership, smart contracts can bring value and functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

RSK is an open-source smart contract platform that enables Bitcoin and Bitcoin miners to participate in the smart contract revolution. The goal of RSK is to add value and functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem by bringing smart contracts, near-instant payments, and higher scalability to the Bitcoin blockchain.

14. Ubisoft



April 19, 2018: Ubisoft hosts an annual start-up program at Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus, to support entrepreneurs working on innovative technology. During this program, Ubisoft supported iExec in its efforts to build a virtual cloud computing infrastructure that can prove to be useful in the areas of AI and big data. 

Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher, and distributor of original and memorable gaming experiences. The company develops interactive entertainment experiences across all platforms including consoles, PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. 

15. Cloud & Heat



January 31, 2018: iExec and Cloud & Heat signed a partnership agreement to provide greener computing solutions by capturing the wasted heat generated from cloud computing servers and using it to heat buildings and provide hot water. With this partnership, iExec demonstrates its efforts in working towards a greener and sustainable cloud computing.

Cloud & Heat has been operating cloud operating systems since 2012 and utilizes the heat generated from its servers to heat buildings and provide hot water. In doing this, Cloud & Heat significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and makes use of something that would otherwise go to waste. 

16. Stimergy



January 24, 2018: Stimergy is yet another greener computing solutions company that has partnered with iExec to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by taking the heat generated from cloud computing servers and using it to heat buildings and provide hot water. Through this partnership, Stimergy’s computer servers are made available in the iExec cloud computing network and Stimergy became the first cloud computing provider in the iExec marketplace.

Stimergy is a forward-thinking company that reinvents data centers by integrating them into smart cities. Stimergy installs its cloud computing servers in multi-family residential or tertiary buildings and uses the heat generated by them to heat the buildings and provide hot water. 

17. OpenFog



January 10, 2018: iExec became a member of the OpenFog Consortium to help in its efforts of accelerating the deployment of fog computing technologies. This partnership sees that iExec actively participates and contributes to building a frame of standards that can be referenced in the fields of fog and edge computing. Together, iExec and OpenFog will explore the fast-growing industry of fog computing and networking so they can establish themselves as trendsetters in the space. 

OpenFog is a global consortium with members such as ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Princeton University, and many others. The consortium was established in 2014 and has been bringing organizations and technologies together to accelerate the growth of the industrial internet. 

18. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)



July 11, 2017: Soon after iExec launched, it joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and became part of a global community of blockchain leaders, adopters, innovators, developers, and businesses from around the globe. As a member of the EEA, iExec benefits from unprecedented collaboration opportunities, a wide variety of blockchain development resources, and leading research from its global community. 

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a member-driven standards organization with a mission to develop open, blockchain specifications that drive harmonization and interoperability for businesses and consumers across the globe. It’s a leading organization that’s making strides in blockchain’s adoption and features 

  • 19 technical, industry, and legal advisory groups
  • 180+ member companies
  • 1,400+ individual members
  • 45+ countries

Hope you enjoyed that read :) Let me know if I have missed any partnerships or collaborations in the comments.

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