You have to feel like iron, The big lie created by your brain ## 2021 I fly to success !! ##

By Rei das Fadas | Wonderland | 21 Dec 2020



2021 does not exist, what do you mean?

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Remember not to be taken here and there like sheep without a shepherd, I don't know which book of the Bible anymore, but it's in it.

In other words, remove only what is useful for your life, do not take any chances, no human truth is absolute.


the future does not exist, if there is someone who believes in it that points to the location of the future, show me or show someone where it is, because the only way to create the future is by inventing it, creating possibilities of how it can be or not be.
It is something that does not exist, but we believe in its existence coldly, so we are always saying tomorrow for sure I will do this or that. Whether you will wake up tomorrow or not, whether you will make it or not, this is speculation, we only have the present.


Proof of that; these are the thoughts that you "conceived in the present".
All of this happens in the present, which is why the saying is; what you sow, you reap, the term sow comes with Action so that there is a harvest, you will notice in the story told by the fairy king.


Shatoshi Nakamoto sou reaped success after taking action to overcome all doubts and as we will see he thought that as soon as he launched his idea, he would succeed, but that is not what happened.


So, when you say 2021, it is. Lie because that date does not exist and no one has yet seen everyone believe that it is in the future and that it will come.

And it will come, more so that you have this success, you act now and things will manifest, but when you say that you will only start working when that day arrives, you will only start to leave your rotten habits when 2021 arrives, you will not will leave.

the solution to our problems is taken in the present and not in the future, the future is something that can happen, come to you or not, so it does not exist for anyone, because it is a probability and the probability is not exact.
and if it doesn't come to you, the future. you will never have changed or the success that is for you today you will never have it, the only thing we all have is the present. That's why you should put 2021 aside and start taking action now. And when that 2021 arrives you will be working and maybe harvesting this year or not.


Learn from the story based on the origin of bitcoin.

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This is a fictional story created by the fairy king. Leave your opinion in the comments;


As Albert Einstein said, time is relative, but I like to think that even with this relativity I am the creator of my time, I embark on this adventure:
In our beautiful and exciting technological world, a long time ago, when there were no pen drivers, we spoke only of disqueite, at that time when bitecoin did not exist and publix0x was not even a fetus in the most hidden ideas of its creator's head, there was a man at the time he was a boy, with incredible skills and an innovative spirit in the blood that generated so many beautiful ideas, he was so good that his imagination was similar to what we saw in player number one in the cinema.

Imagine a boy with these ideas, how much skill he can have! This guy was exceptional. However, he believed that since he was only 19 his ideas would have no weight and that next year, when he turned 20, he would put them into practice.
on the other hand, he was little applied and very distracted by the new inventions of the time with the entertainment of the time, he could hardly believe the things he saw around him. 

He believed that next year he would put his ideas into practice, but the year came and nothing, just like the year that followed and then 10 years later. And the year 2008 came, More precisely on September 15, 2008 and the global financial crisis spread to all corners of the globe, affecting and destroying everything he most valued and admired, it was then that he ran home took one of his sketches that expressed one of his most beautiful bitcoin ideas and launched it literally speaking, sharing with the world the idea that decentralized the way we see money today.
Along with this idea, this young man, who was no longer as innocuous as another, proved to be by procastinating both the launch of his idea with the world while developing the blockchain database, although primitive.

and as all content creators know and have already felt in the skin, he questioned whether his beautiful idea would be accepted by the world, if it was really worth it, but he was very sad, thinking he was right for having postponed his beautiful idea so much,
because it didn’t have the result he expected, which was to save the world, his world from destruction, but what he didn’t know because time is relative and the future doesn’t exist is that his idea would save the world, that is, it would give fruit two years later, what he could see or not. 

when the first purchase was made with his decentralized money in a pizzeria on May 22, 2010 and from then on he just went up and gained weight and this boy became the super hero of many people that Adério the btc as soon as he was launched in 2008
and like all superheroes, his name as a hero is Shatoshi Nakamoto, of course you know him, his name is in all the cryptocurrencies in the world called shatoshi, the cents.

And his true identity, like all superheroes, is kept secret. 

And certainly when you see, all the success that your invention had and how many lives you saved is very happy, because it took two years to see the result of your invention.

But what we want to learn from this story is that the future is the present, plants the work, reaps the salary, that you can be there to reap or not. But the only opportunity you have to change your life is now, not in 2021. Stop tricks and get to work.


It is very complex and even controversial, as I am sure that some will doubt this idea and are free to do so, remove only what is useful for your life in the post, and whatever is not, leave it, because there is no absolute human truth.


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enjoy discover the secret; 

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