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$$ Dedication is worth more than € 10,000,000 € $$!


This thing called dedication is the state of being absorbed in an idea, a feeling so ours that it makes the person in that state do everything, breaking: barriers, natural limits or imposed by someone. It makes full use of our abilities, whether physical or mental.
It does not matter if this commitment, that dream, desire or plan calls as you wish, breaks some law, on that post and I in particular call it dedication.

Everything has a clear limit and I am not just talking about the moral or ethical limits, although in many cases they are the ones who suffer the most ...
In order for you to understand me, and understand what I speak, I will tell you a story that will highlight how dedication takes on various forms until the realization of what has been decided to be achieved.

Once Upon a time...
A time when few remember the most happened, I in particular watched this happen and I believe that many of you too, some of them maybe even participated in similar actions. It all happened in an era when innocence still lingered in the minds of the subjects who are involved in this plot.

A group of boys after a morning of classes, agreed to throw the ball in the neighbourhood. And like any boy they had homework but some of them that day broke the house law because of the desire to play the ball, after 2 hours passed noon they were all gathered in the middle of the neighbourhood accompanied by a ball because they decided that it would be like this and that the soccer game would come out, after they had made the selections and each of the boys had taken a side and two teams had been formed the game started.


After 5 minutes of play, one of the boys kicked the ball so hard to compensate for the lack of agility required by the sport that it ended up in the yard of one of the neighborhood's residents.

A barrier had just been erected between their desire and the decision they were making to play and now that they felt the taste and the testosterones had started to be produced in large quantities they were willing to break the barrier that had just been erected, because to that house where the ball had just ended up, its owner had the reputation of being the toughest man in the neighborhood, always frowning and answering badly below, he wants me to ask him and he never returned the balls that focus there, plus the desire of the guys was so much that accompanied with the decision that they were made in the morning ...

They did what had to be done and the game continued.


It doesn't matter what they did, but what they didn't do, which is giving up! Because they break limits and some were moral and from my point of view it is literally impossible that our true dreams do not break any limits, especially moral and ethical ones.

Note: some boys to be there stopped doing some homework, breaking an ethical limit.

Throwing the ball in the neighborhood breaks a moral and ethical boundary because it is certainly a nuisance to many residents of the neighborhood.

After losing the ball what did they do? It doesn't matter but they broke some boundary for sure.

Now I ask is there any crime any evil Boys throw the ball in the neighborhood?
Certainly not. But in order to carry out such an action, some limits were broken due to the determination to make a wish come true.

Now I want you to think about the story of the man who had the idea of ​​sending a ship to the moon, this one you can ask yourself: what are the moral limits that you had to cross?
What physical (scientific) limits did he have to cross?
And how did dedication make all the difference?

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