It's ALLcoin Season

Today - by my standards - I did something pretty crazy. I base this on the following thesis:

In contrast to all phases that we have experienced in the crypto market so far, we are now in a new phase. The ALLCOIN phase!

Altcoins will pump endlessly and our King Bitcoin is completely unimpressed and pumping happily with it. Later this year we will see a market cap of 2-3 trillion for Bitcoin and all the Altcoins that are already pumping, pumping even more!


As I said, I just take this thesis as a basis. I don't know if I really believe in it myself.

So what did I do now? I bought altcoins. Since I was able to assess the market correctly for once and invested money in Safemoon very early on and then converted a large part of it into CAKE just below the ATH, I earned some play money and invested some of it today.

All of these coins were available on UNISWAP and are located in the Ethereum network. This was also my first point of reference to Ethereum. As an exception, I will document everything exactly today, including all sums. There will definitely be a follow-up to this article, but I don't know whether it will appear in a week or a month.

Then let's start with the fees HELL!

I bought 1000 Tether (USDT) at because I was there at the moment. I then transferred this to another wallet to use it to make my purchases at UNISWAP.

$ 20 fee for this transfer, that would add up to $ 980.

Smart contract approved with UNISWAP, $ 6.95 aka 0.0022 ETH. Of course I didn't think of that and don't own Ethereum. The thought was already firmly anchored in my head, and I had already paid $ 20 in fees, so there was no turning back.

With wise foresight, I bought ETH for $ 150, plus fees of $ 9.16, i.e. $ 159.16 for 0.04765 ETH.

  • 1st position: SENTIVATE (SNTVT)

    10,069.21 pieces for 220 USDT with fees of $ 22.94 aka 0.0072 ETH. CRAZY!

  • 2nd position: Revolution Pupuli (RVP)

    2,253.05 pieces for 200 USDT with fees of $ 23.22 aka 0.0073 ETH. CRAZY!

  • 3rd position: Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

    314.47 pieces for 200 USDT with fees of $ 22.75 aka 0.0071 ETH. CRAZY!

  • 4th position: JIGSTACK (STAK)

    3,270.98 pieces for 360 USDT with fees of $ 20.97 aka 0.0066 ETH. WTF!


Somebody should tell me again Ethereum would be so great, what the hell are those fees? This is absolute Bitcoin level.

Had I been so aware of this beforehand, I would probably not have started this action, but ... yesterday's news.

I will not go into more detail about the coins. In any case, these are not complete scam shitcoins (have I heard Safemoon?), But these still have to be proven and what I have done here is more than highly speculative and not recommended for imitation.

The future will tell whether that was one of my better or worse ideas. Anyway, I'll keep you posted!

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With all the excitement...
With all the excitement...

With all the excitement, let's not forget that Al Bundy made 4 touchdowns in one game in 1966, helping the Polk High School Panthers win the city championship!

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