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Hello From Outside

By Spacehaul | Wisdom by Spacehaul | 19 Mar 2023



Did you know that these days there is a new kind of knowing for Spacehaul? It takes a certain faith, but the shadows of knowledge and direction flit over your perception on a regular basis. It doesn’t care what time it is or if you have the time. Knowing will make up time for you. Like a camera, this will allow for you to match its presence with your version of the truth.

This ‘Knowing’ knows your limitations. It needs you to expand your boundaries. It may put you in a bind, disturb you at your most vulnerable, or make you trust in your mistakes. To bring you a tick closer to acknowledging its greeting, it may whisper as you fall asleep… “I am here for your sanity” or give you permission to let Spacehaul happen.

Hello From Outside

Why is everything not quite real, this moment?

I suppose it’s because it was never the sort of real you were used to. One should like to say, that your perception may have been perceived underneath a threshold. Have some empathy for those outside. They removed themselves at your command. Now they are wondering the corridors. Am I preaching to the unreachable? Or are you willing to take a leap of faith?

Spacehaul · Preaching to the Unreachable

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Wisdom by Spacehaul
Wisdom by Spacehaul

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