Why We Fail To Move Forward - Become Independent
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Why We Fail To Move Forward - Become Independent

By Wealthy Pirate | Mining your mindset | 23 May 2021

The Wake Up Call


You might be wondering what the world has prepared for you and what might come along your way in the future. The truth is, the vast majority of people are patiently waiting for an event that will never happen, and that is life turning for the better for them all by itself. But I can understand this kind of expectation or feeling and I know exactly where it comes from, since I've been in this situations multiple times myself. So let me show you what made me start my journey.

Nowadays all our endeavor is driven towards getting the next little dose of endorphin whilst neglecting to notice that those who produce the products we consume to trigger it, are leading us in circles very much like the carrot and the stick makes the donkey walk. I'm not saying people are stupid. The basic problem is that they are narrow sighted and only tend to see what's directly in front of them. When you finally notice that there is someone literally leading them by the nose, sitting behind you and you are even giving him a piggy back to his own goal and destination, that is when you truly awake to the reality of what's going on in our society. You automatically come to the conclusion that it would be best for you to free yourself from the extra weight you have to piggy back around all day long and reach for the freedom that you deserve.

But this comes with a big problem.

Shaking off the lazy bum who let's us work for his own benefit means we are suddenly all on our own. We have to feed ourselves and we have to find shelter by ourselves. We also have to find solutions to many other problems that we face in our newly earned freedom. This is indeed scary and it's not to be taken lightly. If we suddenly decide to run off without knowing of the consequences, we are better of staying where we are to not riks our very existence. But I digress...
It is not the purpose of this post to give you strategies to achieve your freedom. That would be topics for other days. I only wish to lay open a fundamental problem of today's society.




We Are Not Blind, Yet We Refuse To See.


So just to clarify and lift up this donkey metaphor and come back into the frame of the reality: we are no donkeys, but humans. And just as donkeys follow this measly little carrot in front of them, we humans follow the little wage we get from our daily jobs. I don't intend to judge and it is not the purpose of this article to criticize anybody who likes what he does or feels comfortable with the standard that he lives. What I try to highlight is a simple fact: the more you know, the tighter and more uncomfortable will your little shell fell, in which you live so cozily.

As it's always so often cited, knowledge is power, yet nobody ever tells us that it can also be a curse in the beginning or even for a long time (not for any reason are there more people suffering from depressions than ever in history before).
Every day we get to know new things, learn about new methods and see others achieve great things with them. A major catalyst for this was the dawn of the internet and specially social media. Also a blog like this one exposes the cozy world that our parents lived in and preach as the desirable standard of a well led life as a mere, outdated view of an age that is becoming more and more obsolete and decadent, whilst transcending with an astonishing speed from the industrial age into the age of information. The change has already started decades ago and is now culminating with all kinds of new technologies and, from that surging an endless stream of new possibilities, in a globalized world, where the worker in the Philippines might be your employee of the year whilst you work with him on a daily basis and it feels like he is your friend in the office next door.

As mentioned before, cutting strings and fall free can be a very scary thing. But it can also be very refreshing, if you embrace the changes coming your way and if you have a plan that you follow. Stupidly quitting your job will do more harm than good. To build a plan, you must have possibilities at hand. To have possibilities, you must have knowledge and to achieve knowledge, you have to start to inform yourself.




To Wrap It All Up:

The teachings you've learned from school or from your parents so far are probably not preached with ill intentions, but with a narrow, outdated view of the world, which is just a repetition of the things they learned themselves or have proven as solid knowledge in past. I'm not saying there are no exceptions to this, but the world is changing in the pace of decades nowadays and it is a fact that at the point where our thoughts solidify into strong opinions, we almost always stop evolving and adapting any further. We don't keep our minds open to new things and preach what we learned as if it was the only truth in the world.

This puts you into the responsibility to evaluate for yourself whether what you learned is a truth or just an illusion of the past. Think for yourself: we are a product of our own thoughts and believes. Now, what did these people that teach you everything you know achieve in their life? Following their teachings and believes brings you to most likely achieve the same things they did.
This also means, finding the right teachers will brighten your chances to be successful (not strictly in a monetary sense) in the future.

To close this out, building your own future means to leave an old system behind and build a new one that works best for you. This is achieved by a constant thirst for new things and a never stopping endeavor to improve yourself, until you find the place for yourself where you belong to. Read books, watch the right YouTube channels, surround yourself with the right people and do all this in more than just one topic, for one knowledge may add to another, some multiply another and if the synergy is right, some knowledge empowers the other by mind blowing leverages.

But if you stay complacent with the you right now and refuse to look to the left and right, you will never see the possibilities (or even dangers) that surround you.

By reading this, you already made a first step. You've begun a new story. Keep this story alive and colorful, so you have something amazing you can tell your grandchildren one day.


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Mining your mindset
Mining your mindset

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