BTC less than 30 days, double the price, who is driving this round of market❓

BTC less than 30 days, double the price, who is driving this round of market❓

The rebound of US stocks should have been in place. If we don't run any more, it's easy to be trapped. If the rebound in US stocks is a trap, is bitcoin the same?
At present, the total market value of the global cryptocurrency market has broken through 200 billion US dollars again. With the good support of BCH and BSV halving, the whole market is going up against the economic trend. But at present, the logic of halving is rising. Our reference has only halved the first two times, and the statistics are a little small, so the argument can not stand.
There are several propositions worthy of deliberation: Mining promotion, capital promotion and concept promotion.


Do miners really seek to maximize profits?

As for the miners, there is a saying that they are the people who want to pull the plate most, so that they can get the maximum profit with the lowest cost. But at the same time, they maintain the network, or they may abandon the network at any time and turn to the chain with the highest income. Why the BCH and BSV market is better this time? Maybe it's because of the fear that after the half reduction, the computing power switch is too fast, which is a blow to the confidence of the supporters of the whole network.
Due to the operating cost, miners will continue to sell coins to maintain the operation of their mining machines. However, the difference between the selling of miners and the selling of ordinary investors is that the selling of miners belongs to the off-site selling of funds, while a large proportion of ordinary users are trading usdt positions on the exchange. Therefore, the miner is not the one who maximizes profits, but the one who sees profits and runs away.

Does the money from the Federal Reserve really flow to the currency circle?

2008 belongs to the subprime crisis, this crisis belongs to the corporate debt crisis. So, has this 2 trillion fund quickly flowed to the secondary market? We have no way to observe it. All we can see is that the index has been pulled back to 23000. But what does this have to do with our currency circle?
The usdt, with an average of 120 million yuan a day, still hasn't gone to the market. Although it has been rising recently, the activity of bitcoin chain has not improved. Most users in the circle are deeply covered, which is not a healthy trend. On the day of the crash, the founder of coinbase was still tweeting: none of this decline is justified. For those who know the market liquidity and user volume, are they pretending to be crazy and selling silly things to perform for leeks, or are they really not expecting the big water release in the future?

Has the concept of halving come true?

Today, "wannaren virus mass transmission" is on the hot microblog search list, and its popularity ranks in the top 20. This is also a new type of bitcoin blackmail virus. After intruding into the computer, almost all files in the system will be encrypted. To recover the files, a ransom of 0.05 bitcoin will be paid.
I still remember that the last bull market started with such a blackmail, but this time the virus has a flat response. Even after the market is smashed, the makers will not release a strong signal to let leeks copy the bottom successfully. As the branch currency of BTC, can BCH lead the market? We can see tonight.
However, the currency circle is actually an invalid market, and there is no news surface. Basically, it depends on constantly pulling incremental capital into the market and binding more people to expand its size.

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