Bitcoin breaks through $6000, what should we pay attention to to increase investment?

Bitcoin breaks through $6000, what should we pay attention to to increase investment?

When buying and selling bitcoin, many investors will encounter a problem when increasing their investment. If I increase my investment and the market continues to decline, will I lose even more? But if do not increase investment, the market went up, I did not suffer again? Such a choice puts many investors in a dilemma when they are adding positions in bitcoin. What are the skills of adding positions and making up positions in currency circle transactions? How to add bitcoin?

In fact, there are some ways and skills for bitcoin to increase investment. To sum up some of them for investment friends:

1. Increase investment step by step!

2. After confirming the trend, don't hesitate to increase investment!

3. After several days of decline, there was a small increase in investment!

4. If you fall a little, you will add less; if you fall a lot, you will add more!

When buying and selling bitcoin, increasing investment is a must learn thing. Increasing investment requires certain methods and skills. The increase of investment generally occurs when the currency price fluctuates violently up and down. At this time, there is also a huge risk, so the increase of investment naturally also has a large risk. How can we minimize this risk? Here is a brief introduction to the principle of increasing investment:

1、 Choose when to invest more

We know that the increase of investment is mainly to make transactions when the market currency price fluctuates violently. Therefore, the time of single chasing is when the currency price starts to fluctuate strongly. How to judge the sharp fluctuation of currency price? The main existence is in the break. Breaking mainly refers to the combination of breaking all k lines. Including support position, passage, pressure position and so on.

2、 When to choose to sell after increasing investment

According to the long-term market observation, we find that in general, when the currency price breaks, the price will go several points in the direction of breaking according to the different currencies. If we choose to increase investment that is to say, when we gain several points, we will carry out the closing operation.

3、 Specific operation skills

Usually, when the currency price fluctuates violently, we will make the order. If the order we made changes when the transaction is concluded, your order is the price when you made the order.

The other is the price will fluctuate faster when we increase bitcoin investment, so, we should set a stop earnings price immediately after our list is closed. In this way, the transaction can be completed automatically after the exchange rate reaches the profit stop price. The main purpose of this is to prevent investors from missing the best time to trade due to their greedy problems.

When buying and selling bitcoin, I want to accurately grasp the skills of increasing investment. In fact, all in all, it is necessary to have an accurate judgment on the later development of the market, and there should not be too much unnecessary loss if there is a wrong judgment.


I wish you all a successful investment

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