$BAT replaced by $FARM | Everything You Need To Know

By QueenOfCrypto | Will crypto survive? | 23 Jan 2021

As the promoters promised us that they will introduce more DeFi tokens to Publish0x, they have decided to introduce $FARM token of harvet.finance to Publish0x. 

The news came out on 18 Jan 2021 and since then $FARM token has been integrated for tipping on Publish0x!

$FARM will replace the previously integrated $BAT token.

If you want to withdraw your $BAT tokens from Publish0x, you can do it before February 2nd or your $BAT token will be swap to $FARM automatically.

IMPORTANT - You still need to have the required minimum of $1 in BAT in order to request a withdrawal.

These means that from now on, you can get tips in the following tokens:

-> Harvest.Finance $FARM

-> Ampleforth $AMPL

-> Ether $ETH


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Learning bit by bit about crypto.....

Will crypto survive?
Will crypto survive?

After touching the life long high of $40000. The crypto king. Bitcoin, fell down as much as 11% on Thursday. What does the future hold?

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