The lawmakers should "curtail the use of Bitcoin"!

By QueenOfCrypto | Will crypto survive? | 22 Jan 2021

The President-elect nominee, Janet Yellen, on Tuesday expressed her concern about surged cryptocurrencies.

-> Raising her concerns about the use of cryptocurrencies, Janet suggested that the lawmakers "curtail" the use of Bitcoin amid terrorism. 

-> She said that, "cryptocurrency transactions were mainly for illicit financing."

-> Along with that a report published by BitMEX, suggested that there may be a case of double spending with Bitcoin.

-> The concern expressed by Janet Yellen gave sign that lawmakers and regulators could get tough on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Learning bit by bit about crypto.....

Will crypto survive?
Will crypto survive?

After touching the life long high of $40000. The crypto king. Bitcoin, fell down as much as 11% on Thursday. What does the future hold?

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