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ETHwriter: Uniswap - Would You Look at That Shit!

22 Feb 2021 5 minute read 12 comments Thomas Wolf

Last month I wrote Uniswap - To The Top, in which I stated Uniswap was not a token to be taken lightly, and it is known to swing hard - the last 72 hours has been evidence of that. “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” ― Osc...

BTCwriter: Silk Road 2021 Film - Bitcoin's Dirty Laundry

20 Feb 2021 7 minute read 11 comments Thomas Wolf

Recently, I said I wouldn’t be surprised the next time Bitcoin was mentioned in a major film or TV show; I retract my previous statement. “The state may try to ban our tools, but if we never use them for fear of them being banned, then we have alread...

BTCwriter: 57K - Bitcoin's Next Milestone

17 Feb 2021 4 minute read 15 comments Thomas Wolf

Bitcoin kissed the heavens when the mid-market price touched $57,500 this morning - 02/20/2021. “Continuos effort―not strength or intelligence―is the key to unlocking our potential.” ― Winston Churchill Earlier this week, it was apparent Bitcoin woul...

Cryptowriter: Dash Rockets Up Over 70%

14 Feb 2021 4 minute read 14 comments Thomas Wolf

Many people have had their eyes on DASH, and with good reason, but only a handful of people anticipated gains this large; this is the highest profit margin I’ve seen from Dash in years. “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to...

Cryptowriter: The Evolution of Cryptocurrency Culture

9 Feb 2021 7 minute read 10 comments Thomas Wolf

Bitcoin went live on January 3rd, 2009, which was 4,419 days ago, and it has been an exciting series of events ever since, but one thing I didn’t expect was how it would create an entire sub-culture. “A lot of people automatically dismiss e-currency...

Cryptowriter: Crypto & The Price of Loyalty

4 Feb 2021 4 minute read 5 comments Thomas Wolf

The single most significant loss from remaining loyal to a select group of coins or tokens is one of suffering ambitions. “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” ― Colin Powell I’m a cryptoju...

Cryptowriter: Cryptocurrency & Cannabis

29 Jan 2021 4 minute read 23 comments Thomas Wolf

I am a cryptocurrency advocate, as most-everyone knows; however, I am also an avid cannabis advocate. “Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen.” ― Bob Marley It is only a matter of time before these two sprouting-seed giant industries find...

ETHwriter: Uniswap - To The Top

29 Jan 2021 4 minute read 8 comments Thomas Wolf

Uniswap (UNI) token is currently reaching for the stars and hitting new all-time highs like Bitcoin’s lost cousin. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” ― T. Tusser UNI is presently priced at $15 USD during the nightly market fall.  It broke its hi...

Cryptowriter: The Community in Crypto

24 Jan 2021 4 minute read 4 comments Thomas Wolf

One of my greatest joys in recent years has been being an addition to the Cryptowriter team. "There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." ― Margaret J. Wheatley Everyone is a little biased, if only for thei...

Cryptowriter: Is Cryptocurrency For Everyone?

23 Jan 2021 4 minute read 12 comments Thomas Wolf

It has always been in my vision that cryptocurrency would be an asset available to everyone in the future, but now that I think about it... “Never underestimate the power of stupid people.” ― George Carlin We all have that special someone, if not mul...