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Knowledge - The Addiction Worth Seeking

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 14 Oct 2022

Knowledge is my drug of choice; although I never truly had one.

“Those who have knowledge - don't predict. Those who predict - don't have knowledge.” ― Lao Tzu

I’m sure everyone has a case of the bear market blues, but I thought I would highlight something priceless:  The ability to obtain knowledge easier than any generation before us which can be applied to our everyday lives.  We can not only survive; we can thrive.

I am an autodidact, which is just a term for someone who is self-educated.  It started young.  I’ve hopped jobs, hobbies, and interests of all kinds my entire life at an accelerated rate.  I don’t want it, I need it; that’s a thirst I’ll never quench.

Regardless of the market conditions, there is always something to learn, both in and outside of the crypto space.  First, Bitcoin maximalists continue to fall on their faces.  Second, real fortunes are made at the bottom of the market.  This won’t stop some stubborn folks from holding or flipping and I don’t blame them, but I do believe it is short-sighted based on all I have learned and experienced over the years.

Being self-taught in 2022, and going into 2023 has many advantages over traditional education.  I’ve always referred to typical American (and other) school systems as “Brick-box learning,” where they teach you what they want you to know with a biased and often false curriculum, as opposed to teaching you how to think critically, objectively, and subjectively.

The world wants workers and it’s difficult for those of us who work by thinking whether we are hands-on or not, we deal with concepts and social constructs on our way to producing content, services, or products.  Some call it being a visionary, I call it using your brain.

We have the ability to learn whatever we please with a simple internet connection and PC or mobile device.  With some application, the knowledge becomes a set of instinctual skillsets, whether it be in trading, writing, graphic design, coding, wood-working, blacksmithing, bushcraft, hunting, fishing, finding sources, individuals, or places, a plethora of academic subjects and an abyss of personal interests.

Nothing is stopping us from becoming whatever we want to be except the almighty dollar, but even that is yet another vector for learning and adaptation.  Study the rich, learn how they got there, learn how they stay there, learn how the systems in place attribute to that, and follow suit with some hard work and clever timing.

I implore you to continually challenge yourself and any authority over you.  Go against the status quo when the status quo is not in your best interest.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself, be different.  Don’t worry about what will come of it, because you will come of it.  Worry only that you won’t.

Scour the web, and study everything you can.  My one word of caution is that life is short, so be careful about what you spend a lot of time devoted to.  An eclectic background is often a logical choice in a world with so many variables, but many careers or hobbies require a great deal of devotion.

Stay passionate!  This is the best piece of advice that I can give anyone when it comes to their craft, whether it is crypto writing, the job they dreamed of, or any other pursuit.  Otherwise, your words and your work will become stale, even if well received by others you will lose the joy in your craft, and thus, your daily life.  Remember why you do what you do.

We’re all seeking to improve something, usually our lives.  Remember time is finite to mortal life, don’t waste it.  The thirst for more shouldn’t stop with money, that’s only the beginning even if you are off to a late start, or starting over.  Don’t settle for mediocrity when you have the option to become or do the extraordinary.

Inspire yourself to inspire others.  Admire that which is deserved.  Be courageous, take chances.  In the end, your greatest disappointment will be the chances you never took, the places you didn’t go, the people you never got to know, and the moments in life you did not experience.  Look at what is stopping you, and set it on fire; chase what you desire.

I’ll keep on slicing away at the crypto world, there is always something to slice at; albeit sometimes far more than others.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and primary altcoins/stablecoins such as Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Binance’s BNB & BUSD, Ripple (XRP), Tether USDT & USDC hold the market right now, and quite frankly, it’s boring - people are investing, holding and trading in fear during uncertain times economically and it doesn’t inspire enthusiasm from anyone but influencers and Web3 developers.  I’ll note Bitcoin is temporarily less volatile than stocks, which is comical if nothing else.

While I have content on government legislation of stablecoins and a project to publish, I am waiting for the opportune moments to do so, some content has more relevancy if timed properly.  When I leave my mark, it should stick.

I’d much rather be out researching and vibing.  Chasing that which means the most to me, which is knowledge, knowledge in as many things as I can cover every single day.  Even out in nature on my days or weeks off, I am learning, absorbing, taking pictures, taking notes, and looking for ways to apply my recreation to my production & vice versa.

Please, for the love of God - start a garden if you do not have one.  Think of it as passive income.  Don’t know how?  Google and YouTube are your friends.  See how much you can digest in a given day, and start applying it to your everyday life - you won’t regret it.  Your skillset can become near infinite, restricted only by the hours in a day, and days in your life.

All the crypto, fiat, stocks, and precious metals in the world won’t buy you a second of your life back.  Stay free, I’ll stay freewriting.

As always, comments & suggestions are highly encouraged.

Stay smart & Stay safe.

-Thomas Wolf

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I am not a certified financial, tax, or legal advisor, analyst, or planner.  The above information should not be considered advice but as an opinion intended to share information and ideas for entertainment and independent research purposes.  I am not responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to misinterpreting my personal opinions for professional advice.

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