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Tired as hell GFX

Work, Full-Time School, COVID & Crypto-Life

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 16 Aug 2020

Apologies to my followers for my absenteeism; my life has taken a turn and I am still adapting.

How does a man do it all and still have time for crypto?  I'll let you know when I figure it out!

The last while my family has had an increasingly harder time making ends meet and I was forced to tap most of my investments multiple times.  Then, my best friend's dad (my former and again current boss) ended up having heart problems.

Again, I was threatened with eviction - it was time to go back to work, or my family would become homeless.  This is not what you want to do at the end of your summer during a raging pandemic while surrounded by COVID-deniers.

I've more-or-less been in isolation grinding crypto for six or more months while avoiding people entirely.

How will I ever manage all my lives at once?  I woke up barely able to move hearing the words "Come clean these ****ing fish before they rot"

Lol, they were on ice...

Now I am routinely around people, not knowing how many people they've been around, how honest they are about their hygienic practices, or whether they understand being asymptomatic.  I see a lot of morons wearing masks below their noses.

I wear a mask, of course.  I actually like it for my main job duty which is moving/dumping 50lb bags of salt into brine tanks for residential and commercial water softeners.  I've worked for a moving and delivery company & in roofing prior - I like this job more.

This is a far cry from small gains measured in satoshi's, but also comes with real pains.  I don't mind the exercise, but the sheer amount of time and the lingering tired-as-hell feeling leave me wondering if it isn't too much to do alongside full-time school, but, others do it, so, I figure go for gold.

The idea was, put a two-man crew on the salt routes, and that way my best friend's father would get a break from a lot of the labor, get caught up at work on service calls, and not be exposed to the salt which raises your blood pressure (a lot).  I make a point of always showering off immediately after work and there is a bit of an art to not causing the salt to dust cloud up into your face.

I still maintain my buy and sell limit orders, daily faucet claims, and check-ins on other earners.

Actually, I need to do that now; faucets are not worth the time at all unless you maintain loyalties (also sucks to lose 100-day streaks) - I try to tap my favorites 1-2 times a day.  The best of them are Coinpot's and ADBTC for the short amount of time it takes (see my signature).

Coinpot has buffed their roller trick to slow it down, but it still pays; I recommend closing your browser and restarting your rollers once per day, I believe their system watches for rollers "without a clock" and then they gradually go further negative, so by resetting them it helps "keep them fresh."

Where it will get fun:  Fall semester starts two weeks from today, full-time.  I have no idea how I am going to carry myself.  I am a straight-A student and I'm worried about the prospect of my grades declining due to being too tired and/or too busy.  I'm also continually pressured into entering some semblance of an adult relationship and I doubt I have time for a friend with benefits.

Then there is the real kicker:  I miss the markets while I am gone.  I miss writing.  I miss all that which I consider to be my "crypto life" - except captchas!  I mean, seriously, have you ever looked at a few tons of salt and started working out the math in your head for how many satoshi's each bag is worth to carry?  I have, lmao...

I worked out the math last night and you'd be amazed how many satoshi's I make per pallet of salt (2,500 lbs each, 50 x 50) - so I think of this sort of thing as I'm sweating bullets, navigating boiler rooms, and feeling the burn of salt in my eyes.  The job isn't all bad, though - paid road time & lunches, no work on weekends, my boss is highly ethical and well respected in the community.

I definitely don't feel like a bum or looked down on in any way because I'm working a trade while I attend school - especially for the right reasons.

Will it last?  I am highly ambitious and a hard worker with an appreciation for punctuality, but I am only human.  A large workload lately; the entire local school districts and other larger, and smaller stops.  Not enough hours in a day.  Can only hold 100-110 bags per run.

My new plan is to start flat out buying crypto with a portion of my earnings.  My market decisions have led to profits consistently; I look forward to being able to leave my crypto portfolio alone and live off of my work income.

It seems very foolish not to capitalize on my ability to spin numbers; that's all a market is.  It's also been very depressing watching my portfolio get big and then dump to pay bills again and again.

I plan to invest in a large number of tokens to improve the odds of exponential gain.  This way, the odds of success for that which I HODL dear to me will increase, and if I ever see the spikes I am looking for I can quickly exchange some other tokens.

Statera (STA) has held a nice profit, but I am unwilling to reinvest until I've seen pooling results and more social support around the token; I plan to write about it.  This is largely due to ETH gas fees being absolutely ridiculous right now.

I plan to HODL Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tezos (XTZ), Basic Attention Token (BAT), ZCash (ZEC), Stellar (XLM), Nano (NANO) and a few others.

Ethereum 2.0 has been my latest little obsession, though I still have high hopes for the others mentioned.  I have to admit, despite the latest pump and FOMO; I still hate the concept of paying for gas...  Long live Nano!

I plan to flip most of the above and spend more time working the DeFi markets as they seem to love to pump and dump so it opens up ways for me to make money via limit orders while I am at work.  It never hurts having multiple orders out at once, either.

Saying my earners are suffering isn't logical because I make more money now, but, from a strictly crypto stand-point, I am losing money by not having as much time to devote to it.  This sucks.  I'll be purchasing a far better android along with a hardware wallet within the next month; hopefully, that will make what I do on desktop mostly possible via mobile.

Token collecting seems like the next logical move, that and larger trades/exchanges.

Writing:  I'll have to find a way to find the time - likely around this hour, quite early in the morning before the rest of the world wakes.

Luckily, that is when the markets are often most active.  And, ultimately, I have to write or I'll go insane.

Anyone with any experience in living life like Tyler Durden, feel free to enlighten me on a point or two!  The idea of never sleeping or having a moment to myself (ever) makes me want to exit this world in a real Freudian fashion.

Stay safe everyone.  It's a jungle out there.

"I can't take this feeling,
Hurts too much from inside,
And I don't know why,
Something ain't right."

Lyrics via Lost, by Ollie (Official)

-Thomas Wolf

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