The *PROVEN, TRIED & TESTED* way to withdraw your Publish0x BAT directly to Coinbase with safe and easy pictorial instructions & proof of payment!
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The *PROVEN, TRIED & TESTED* way to withdraw your Publish0x BAT directly to Coinbase with safe and easy pictorial instructions & proof of payment!

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 14 Jan 2020

I'll start by saying if you not comfortable with this, don't do it.  However, I took screenshots of the entire process to make it extremely easy to follow!

  I'm tired of unproven and untested posts full of typos and referral links.  I wrote this because I think it's ridiculous to have to withdraw to an additional wallet you do not need.  I certainly had no intention of doing so, and I wasn't disappointed!

So let's lay it all out, starting with Coinbase's statement on BAT and ERC-20 Tokens.


You can find this information for yourself here to confirm:

Long story short, you *absolutely can* send your BAT directly to Coinbase.  Just don't be a fool and send it to your Ethereum address or DAI address, or you can expect to lose it, just because something runs on Ethereum like BAT or DAI does not mean it -is- Ethereum, BAT is BAT to keep it simple.

Moving on to the fun part - getting paid.  Time to find your BAT receiving address on Coinbase.  Click on Portfolio, scroll down to Basic Attention Token, click on it, click on receive and you will see a page like this:


Click I understand, and you will see your BAT receiving address like so:


Copy it to clipboard.  The little icon on the bottom right does this for you automatically, click on it, and it's copied.

Now it's time to head back over to Publish0x.

Click on your name, click on Settings, and click on Wallets.

Copy and paste your new BAT receiving address into where it says "Ethereum Address:" and hit save.

It will look like this:


You're now going to need to go to the email associated with your Publish0x account to verify your wallet address change.  This confirmation has a 30-minute limit for security reasons.

It looks like this:


Click Confirm Wallet Address Change.  Head back over to Publish0x and get ready to withdraw!

Go to your name > Dashboard > Payments

This is what it looked like for me as I did this with my very first withdrawal:


Click withdraw!

You will be prompted with a withdrawal confirmation like so:


Double-check that this is, in fact, your Coinbase BAT receiving address, and not some other Ethereum or DAI address.  Then Confirm the withdrawal!

You'll now have a screen that looks like this:


And a confirmation email that looks like this:


You are now waiting for a Publish0x team member to "approve" your withdrawal before sending it, once approved you will get an email like this:


Once this happens your payments page will also reflect the approval & pending payment like so:


Tick tock, your money is on the way come the following Monday.  Mine came a batch earlier on the 13th instead of the 20th, as the email stated.

Monday arrives, the payment goes out:


Now the most important part - did I get my BAT at Coinbase?  YES, I did!


And there you go.  Your Publish0x BAT easily withdrew directly to Coinbase!  Easy peasy.

What is important to me is that people get paid without hassle, and the knowledge on how to do that is public and displayed in an easy to follow way for beginners.

This method is 100% proven and trustworthy.

You're welcome!


*Important Notes about DAI/Hydro*

I do not recommend attempting this with DAI per Publish0x Team recommendation/information - I will risk the 50 cent minimum withdrawal later on, but I am told that the DAI *could* be converted to SAI.  Also, it will not work with Hydro because Coinbase doesn't support Hydro - additionally, if you were to withdraw Hydro or DAI and BAT at the same time - since it would be going to a BAT-only address, you would lose the Hydro and the DAI.  Always make sure to change your receiving address to the proper one for the specific token type before any withdrawal.

This is a BAT tutorial only, only conduct BAT withdrawals when performing this method.  When I have functional proof of a DAI withdrawal to Coinbase (if it works) I will make another tutorial/guide about it.

To make sure you get all of your DAI and Hydro/other ERC-20 tokens, use self-hosted wallets such as MyCrypto, MEW, or MetaMask that support all tokens on Publish0x - I recommend trying to withdraw when the market is low or in a "dive", and then wait until it goes back up and cash out to make more profit on your earnings - the markets are often up and down. Then again, nothing is stopping anyone from holding their BAT or DAI on Coinbase, either.


I will edit this article with any future information, but it's very straight-forward and safe for BAT.

-Thomas Wolf

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