New Coinbase Earn Token - Compound
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New Coinbase Earn Token - Compound

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 28 Jun 2020

Coinbase Earn has just introduced a $9 reward for completing three simple videos that explain what Compound (COMP) is, how it works and the mission behind it.

CB E Comp

The videos pay three dollars in COMP each and only take a moment to complete.  The funds are deposited instantly with all Coinbase Earn rewards with no holding times.


I included the answers just to make lives easier, they allow you to have wrong answers anyways, but for some reason this time Reddit deleted the entire post despite allowing all the others for XLM, BAT, etc that are also on Coinbase Earn:

Update 6-30-2020:  I was already approved (quickly) and confirmed the below answers as correct:

Answer 1: Earning interest on your crypto.
Answer 2: Supply a crypto asset as collateral.
Answer 3: COMP token holders.

This is an announcement to let everyone know to get on the wait-list as soon as possible!

You'll get an email when you're ready to earn, and there are still other opportunities available with a longer wait-list - but eventually you get the green light.

Coinbase Earn is the easiest free money ever.

Something to keep in mind when considering to hold COMP is that Coinbase actually owns it!

-Thomas Wolf

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Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

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