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Cryptowriter: Epic Fails, Trials and Tribulations of a COVID-Positive Trader & Writer

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 18 Nov 2020

I waited two weeks for a UNI pump that occurred in the last 100 or so hours only to fall asleep on my laptop with a low sell order set intended for flipping; I missed multiple pumps and more; this was one expensive nap, and an even more expensive illness.

"Health is not valued till sickness comes." ~Thomas Fuller

It’s been a rough week - or two.  After a good amount of contact with individuals that turned out to be COVID positive, my girlfriend, her son, and I are all sick.  In fact, everyone I’ve met since coming down to the Chicago area has now tested positive.  I am looking at late coursework, significant personal discomfort, financial losses, and more for the negative.  However, I am utterly amazed at how badly it ruined me in one area: the markets.

I have been methodically flipping and preparing for the Uniswap v2 (UNI) pump, which went on for the last few days.  Unfortunately, COVID makes you very, very tired - it reminds me of mono.  I did several solid flips with nice turn arounds.  I was up a great deal in UNI and USD, and suddenly… I woke up.  Eight hours passed.  I crashed for the sleeping laptop in front of me only to discover my flip orders went through, and I missed out on a huge pump that I had been waiting weeks for.  My UNI count was down dramatically.

To add insult to injury, I reinvested earlier this morning as the market was moving up extremely fast, hoping to catch the last of the pump with the intention of getting out quickly.  It immediately stopped and went negative.  I figured out I lost roughly 60% gains just from not holding (trying to flip and I kept falling asleep) or above, which is easily over a thousand dollars.

I am “slowly recovering” via flips with my new rule to not be in a physical position where I could possibly fall asleep while working the markets.  I take so much for granted with my good focus on a typical day, and I heavily empathize with my mother, who has a sleep condition, more-so after this series of experiences.

I’ve learned I cannot do the math on the fly like I ordinarily can and that without that edge, I essentially cost myself money.  I literally mistook buy orders for sell orders and vice versa and watched my money immediately decline after building it up for weeks.  This sleep issue is not a norm for me, and I cannot emphasize how bad I feel physically; the head pressure and confusion are ridiculous.  I worked hard and was able to get into a slight positive range after 24 hours, only to fall asleep for another big pump like clockwork.

I knew I should just cash out while I was ahead and wait for a hard dip in the market; the drop below $3.55 today confirmed this.  The slightest of things made me impulsive and decided to invest anyway; I immediately regretted it almost every time I recently clicked that buy button.  I hate myself for screwing up the most basic ways to earn - holding, and partial flips in a very predictable yet volatile market.  It feels like my luck just wasn’t there, or my mind for that matter.  It really is amazing how well I predicted the market, yet did not profit from it.

I highly advise anyone who is ill or becomes ill to be very cautious with your finances, far beyond an average degree.  I am still in shock at how bad a few decisions could be for my financial well-being at a time of great financial and personal need.  It seems logical not to take it personally as no one can win all the time, but I am held up on the fact that I was prepared for this and simply drifted off at the most crucial time.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are both down, along with pretty much the entire DeFi market.  I wasn’t the only person who had a rough day, but mine was likely on the worst end of the spectrum.  I think of UNI as the gift that keeps on giving, but today I feel as if it gave me a blanket party.  Perhaps I have too much on my plate in general, that is a large probability, but I don’t see how I can abandon my responsibilities.

Putting thoughts together seems to be my saving grace, but it comes at the price of being awake and vigilant, so I experience all of the unpleasant discomforts that come with focusing during distress.  I feel I am playing my game very close to the chest like there isn’t another way for it to be played.  The market stops for no man, COVID, nothing.  The market is being one dodgy prick; I predict up, it goes down, I predict down, it goes up.

My conclusion is everyone, including me - is not exempt from Murphy’s Law and having one hell of a rough go of things.  I will remain optimistic and resilient and do whatever is necessary to succeed and move past these things psychologically; however, I plan to learn from my mistakes as they were quite costly.  I always recover.  I’ll turn 1 into 2, 2 into 4, and 4 into more - the name of the game.

Although, I don’t recommend people play while ill... it's an exercise in futility. If I wasn't sick and quarantined I'd be looking for a new job in this area, relocating is not cheap. Ever wish you could just erase the last few days from your portfolio?

Bitcoin - next stop 20K?

Stay smart & stay safe… COVID sucks.

Questions or comments are always welcome.


-Thomas Wolf

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