Cryptowriter: Crypto Through 2022
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Cryptowriter: Crypto Through 2022

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 6 Mar 2021

With Bitcoin (BTC) relatively hard-stuck at the $50,000 USD mark, one has to question what is to come next for the market while noting that the current BTC price seems to hold some significance to overall market stability.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

It’s not an easy question to answer beyond the certainty that cryptocurrencies will continue to remain volatile, and they are not in any threat of going extinct.  However, from an investment standpoint, interpreting unprecedented events, even from well-researched conjecture, is no different than trying to guess the weather without a meteorology degree.

As a person who often has accurate predictions, which is also often the case with the weather, it brings me no shame to admit that I am occasionally wrong, and I pay for it.  Besides, being right or wrong on a market prediction in terms of loss or return is a fifty/fifty ratio as the market is either growing or dying; novice analysts often beat a broken clock with a few guesses a day.

Nothing is more useless than a “sideways” or inactive market.  While we are currently stuck around the 50K mark, the market has been far from inactive, with altcoins seeing substantial increases, such as Basic Attention Token (BAT) jumping to 0.73 cents which is currently resting at 0.68 cents during another Bitcoin drop.  It appears that being temporarily set at 50K is okay, as it stimulates shifts fine in its current range while altcoins simultaneously grow more independent.

There is also the movement with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in which I've begun enjoying low tx fee liquidity providing.  Ethereum and EOS have some hurtles ahead of them in terms of development, and ETH may get wiped off the map if they don't come to a resolution.

With altcoins fluctuating in percentage more with varying market caps and volumes, there is a lot of room for extra opportunities.  We never stop preparing for what comes next, but now strikes me as a time to tap into our methodical and pragmatic side more than ever.  Fear not, but know when you are walking on a fine line and where that line may take you.  I do not believe we should be in a significant fear of a large retrace now that tech giants and billionaires that tweet too much have endorsed and invested in cryptocurrencies, but it is always possible.

So, what will 2021’s Q2 through 2022’s Q4 bring?  A massive flux of new traders, stakers, miners, liquidity providers, developers, NFT artists, and far, far more.  Crypto has more to offer the world in terms of economic stimulation than anyone but a few anticipated in the early days.  It is now well over a trillion-dollar market.  Every day people are becoming more involved, and that continues to challenge writers and developers to adapt them to changing times, software, and terminology.

Every day, countless new projects begin, and countless more projects continue to evolve—some die, which is also part of evolution.  In Charles Darwin’sNatural Selection,” Darwin stated that those who die are equally important to those who survive in a species outcome.  The rapid expansion and tireless work from everyone involved in crypto communities show that perseverance and dedication lead to substantial results using blockchain technology; like Darwin obsessed with observing beatles on tropical islands - we look incessantly to blockchain technology.

No one is going to stop exploring the endless applications that crypto has to offer the world; pandora’s box of blockchain has been opened.  I won’t pretend to predict the future, but short of extreme government intervention, it is improbable that we won’t see a massive surge in growth in the next year and a frighteningly larger volume of growth in subsequent years to come.

People always ask me how high I think the prices will go, and instead of “the sky is the limit,” I have a new answer:

As high as the scalability and support of the project, coin or token’s chain will allow.

We will decide the reality of crypto’s future, one step, one decision at a time.  May we all make wise decisions and watch our pace for success in this race is not defined by who gets there first; success is when we are all granted the opportunities to get there free from restraint.  I believe we will continue to evolve with our currencies, and so long as we do, crypto has a promising future.  I look forward to 2022, it will be a defining year for many people, myself included.

As always, comments, suggestions, and friendly debates are highly encouraged.

Stay smart & Stay safe.

-Thomas Wolf

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