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Crypto on my Mind

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 16 May 2020

All the time.  I don't know how to cope sometimes, you know?

I'm constantly running multiple devices and several instances on each device related to crypto/mining.  I even took the lid off my old PNY GTX 980 OC XLR8 and hit it with fresh thermal paste so I could go back to mining ZCash xD; the temps are holding well now - Arctic MX-4, though I use better on my primary.

I'm dying to buy more hardware and there is little to stop me. 
I'm dying for Bitcoin and altcoins to skyrocket, but wouldn't mind terribly if there was another dip for another buy-in first.
I am almost always watching the markets and looking for opportunities, and trying different investment strategies.
I am always reading or watching crypto news, blogs, youtube videos, etc.

So, in short, I love cryptocurrencies.  It's easy to become somewhat obsessed; or at the very least, enthusiastic.

For me, it has become a lifestyle and I intend to further incorporate it into my daily comings and goings.  The primary thing about crypto that irritates me is that it must be converted to fiat before use; though I am going to test out the new Uphold card and give that a solid review.

Currently, Bitcoin seems to be in a Bearish to Bullish teeter-tot and I can't say I am enjoying it; a solid dive would mean better investment potential and a solid spike, well... who doesn't like watching their money grow?  Tezos staking and Atomic wallet have become recent favorites of mine.

I suspect as the US economy is hit by the "after-effects" of pumping fake money back into the economy we will see a rise in cryptocurrencies; it may even end up as some neo-Orwellian crypto for cash standard.  The possibilities really are endless in that scenario.

I am trying to picture a future for crypto and I hope it is a bright and prosperous one.

Do any of you ever find yourself struggling to cope; like an Irish stock-broker who has had one too many bottles of scotch while crunching numbers?

Still, one has to carry on.

-Thomas Wolf

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