Anxiety in a World of Careless Politics
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Anxiety in a World of Careless Politics

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 16 Jun 2020

The below article is not meant to be political.  Unfortunately, parts of it will be.  Not all of my articles are for tips, sometimes I must write for the sake of writing.

TLDR:  "Things are ****** the **** up right now, avoid the news and use your brain."

Lately I've been living more primitive, a brief reprieve from the digital world before returning to the grind.  It's my last summer off before I'm stuck with back to back semesters in college for years on end and I badly need that time to reflect and plan.

I keep telling myself "Just think about article ideas while you are fishing and then write them before you leave in the morning."

That doesn't work, lol.  I love fishing, and they've been biting.  I love cooking over fires and laying with my dog on the beach.  I had a few DIY fishing/survivalist ideas that could be done with crypto earnings on the quick, but I think what is happening to my mind and the minds of others is more of an important topic at this moment.

Something isn't right.  You know that feeling.  Call it instinct.  Even laying there on a perfect Wisconsin day catching the best breeze, isolated and peaceful with rays beaming down - I can just tell something is wrong on a grand scale, like warning whispers from nature itself.

The behavior of people is starting to display a type of psychic or psychological epidemic.  Lack of judgment wasn't a surprise, but the volume of it continues to be.

It's like COVID-19 is just the icing on the cake right now.  Things have been heading this way for a long time in terms of US relations with China and their economies.  Does anyone really care?  I don't - not about international relations that would probably be fine if we didn't have a total idiot in office.  They need to make better plastics and steel, but those are things we do ourselves.

China has a rich history (and a well kept record of history) and is moving in the right direction on renewable energy despite being the most polluted country on Earth; they finally figured out it's more profitable after the Paris Agreement which was a bill to move toward cleaner energy and etc with former president Obama.  China is still honoring the bill despite not my president chump pulling all US support for it.

China has a massive population and they are highly industrious... it's a recipe for big business - Russia wants China's economy bad.

It's almost as if chump and Putin get along so well for a reason.  Does anyone else see the blatant patterns?  Such as a COVID-19 outbreak in China... and now we must "stop" China.  It seems the cold-war turned into orgies for dictators and tyrants after the fall of the Soviet Union.

I keep seeing these "Stop China" commercials on the laptop under my desk; I get paid for it at least (HideoutTV via Cointiply).  Stop them from what exactly?  I don't watch Fox news, so someone please tell me what that angle is about.  I'm pretty sure that's a scare tactic for republicans.

Is America Great Again?  Hell no, I am pretty sure this is the worst it has ever been and it's only getting worse.

Relevance, yea - it's there, but definitely hiding in this article.  Thoughts to key strokes.

I believe it's prudent to go against the current regression of humanity and a good way to combat that "psychological epidemic" is to remove yourself from the toxicity of the world.  Spend more time in nature and less time focusing on these things meant to distract us, stress us, and ultimately influence us.

I think it's time far better spent.  I love cryptocurrency and computers in general and cannot picture a life without them.  However, given the current state of things, I believe outside checking on market movements one should lean in the way of Thomas Jefferson and avoid the news for a while; you'll be better educated that way.

I believe the fate of cryptocurrency, the US constitution, and perhaps the fate of Earth all rest on our ability to make good decisions in the immediate future.  The only constant with species in geologic time is extinction; we must not make the mistake of thinking we are an exclusion.

We can effectively build a better tomorrow by building it a day early.

One of the last things a girl I loved ever told me before she died was that she wished she hadn't wasted as much time; even though she was still young.  I think about that often; I barely sleep.

So, how all this boils down to cryptocurrency:

Well, you can't spend money if you are dead.  Also, you cannot HODL cryptocurrency if you are dead... by definition.

You may be asking "how would I be dead?" well, let's see:  Currently, we're awaiting wave #2 for COVID-19 which is predicted to be far worse than the first one.  The planet is suffering and we are seeing some serious biological backlash as a result, usually in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.  Then there is the ever imminent war and wars to come.  Anyone can be a casualty of the type of anarchy this all could bring.

You cannot have a stable US economy without a restored US constitution (currently in an active state of heavy violations and tyranny) which leads us back to making good decisions and using good judgement.  Oh, and war involving the worlds three super-powers is a really bad idea.

Any analysis of what the market may do has to consider these things, which is why I tend to only analyze the market in real-time or hindsight lately.  Things are truly "up in the air" and the only way to combat it is to maintain our right to autonomy in case structures fail us, as they have been.

I apologize if this seems scattered, but the moral of the point I was trying to make is there.  I think in an abstract manner and I've been lost in space.

In my next article... We make soap.  To make soap, first we render fat...  xd

-Thomas Wolf

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Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf

I am a cryptocurrency advocate, a STEM undergraduate student, a nature enthusiast, a survivalist, a DIY specialist, and I'm a little crazy at times.



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