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Market Analysis on November 8th, 2021

By ZT Global | Blockchain views | 8 Nov 2021



I mentioned before that there will be a diving after Friday, but the trend is the same as the low suction opportunity, and now it is also a new high. There will be many adjustments in the process of rising, and every time it falls to the bottom of the box, it is more opportunity, don’t worry



As mentioned many times before, compared with ETH and BNB, BNB has a bigger space and a stronger trend, and is now approaching a new high. If those who get on the bus in front can wait patiently, those who do not get on the bus will wait and see, and consider KSM, which has not accelerated, is better.



INJ decentralized cross-chain derivatives, the current valuation is low, recently attracted funds, weekly level adjustment in place. Favorable today, support above 11.46 target 16

Risk Warning

The above analysis is for reference only. Please be cautious when invest as there are risks in the currency market.

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ZT Global
ZT Global

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Blockchain views
Blockchain views

According to Viewblock data, the number of transfers on the blockchain storage protocol Arweave continued to hit a new all time high on August 14, reaching 111,764 transactions, a 28% increase from the previous historical high of 87,314 transactions on August 11. A sharp increase of more than 100% compared to the 225,400 on-chain transfers last week, setting a weekly record. Today, AR has the highest increase on ZT exchange which is more than 40%, and the value of AR is still undervalued.

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