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Here is the best piece of advice I can give to people dealing with love issues; when a person can't have your back, you should never let them have your heart.

What has happened to the old cliche' of "The Power of Friendship"? You preach it to your children and when they come of age, they are taught to back stab whomever they can to survive. Just ask anyone in high school, particularly with social media.

Look up the Greek words that define love; Storge, Agape, Eros, Philia, Philautia, and Xenia.

Storge is what you feel when you have to deal with your In-Laws. A love that you put up with something, or are so comfortable around them that they become second nature. It's how much you love whatever fandom you get into, and it could be how much you love a certain dish. 

Agape is the unconditional kind of love. No matter how badly someone screws up, you try and pick them off, give them a dust, and stay in their corner. This is the ideal Love for an old school marriage. You take your vows and keep them when the Eros runs out.

Speaking of Eros, it's the romantic love. The butterflies, the sex, and what the majority of romance films show what you are supposed to do.

The art of Philia is lost to time, how to be close and tight-knit friends. The best example I can come up with is Alice and the Hatter through Tim Burton's interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. It is that love that transcends time and space, and as much as people like to ship those two, I highly prefer the deep friendship of these two. It gives hope that the art of Friendship isn't lost entirely. This is why I hate it when people use "the friend zone" as a social card. Friendship is no longer valued.

Philautia is one that isn't covered much because it means "self-love". A lot of people like to call it a vice, but in reality, it's a necessity that is overlooked by some (sometimes on purpose to control others). This would be the primary love that Satanism practices because of it's focus on the will of the self. Do keep in mind that Satanists can stand for justice and do good because it is their desire to do so and no other force commands them.

When you see a host at parties, or if you are a guest in someone's home, they are to do well to practice Xenia. This is a love made out of hospitality. Whether it is a tailgate party, or a fancy fare from a CEO, the social butterflies of the world worship Xenia and thrive off of it.

The Christian society often times calls Love in the Bible "Charity". This can get crossed with Xenia, but it is actually Agape.

Research these types of love on your own, particularly the Greek philosophers. The Bible does a great job defining love, but not nearly enough practice it.


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Sarah Whitaker
Sarah Whitaker

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Rethinking Theology in the 21st Century

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