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Movie Review: Nekrotronic (2018)

By peerynt | Whizzing Tripod | 8 Oct 2021

Have you heard about films sometimes having kids? I have. Case in point: Nekrotronic. This is what we get when The Sorcerer’s Apprentice moves to Australia, and decides to have a kid with The Matrix. The kid somehow ends up having a troubled childhood because The Matrix gets infected by a virus, turns against everyone, while the child is being saved by someone who’s got big heart and who decides to rise Nekrotronic as if James Gunn was a role model for parenthood. Nekrotronic turns out to have been assigned a bit of a dark fate, to put it mildly, by unknown gods of all things magic, and all it knows from early childhood is Internet, demons and how to fight them. That is, until it discovers a nekromancer within itself. All of a sudden the fate assigned seems to be twice as exciting...

If right now you are wondering “what is this bull*hit I’m reading?” then perhaps there is no point of reading further because that may prove to be a waste of time. If however you are thinking something to the effect of “omg, I have to see this!” then, I think, you really have some benevolent supernatural force looking after you, and it finally has managed to get your attention, and point you in the right direction after all these years of being unaware of a real gem; Nekrotronic really is as bonkers as it sounds. There is lots and lots of CGI in it, serving the purpose of insane and supernatural.

The first scenes of it don’t include anything of what’s to come; two blokes having a day at work that’s not going particularly well, having conversations and dealing with situations that altogether look like a decent beginning a Guy Ritchie’s film would have. That is, until one of the characters is using his phone to try and catch something that looks like an evil dead person who’s decided to replace a pokemon. Yes, you read that right, my friends, it’s something like GhostmonGo. From there on things escalate quickly, and the film turns into endless rampage with demons, their hunters, digital networks and ghosts all over the place.

On the surface this looks like an action packed CGI urban fantasia, where dark fairytale characters have been upgraded to be fit for the digital age, yet there is also a more subtle occult level in this film; one that would likely get noticed only by those who have had at least an interest in actual art of necromancy. Not only we see characters sometimes communicating with spirits of deceased friends and relatives; those same friends also save the characters and help in achieving certain aims. At times the line between the dead and the living gets freakishly blurry to the point where I’d want to say that this is a prime example of necromancy made to look consumer friendly. Yet when I see a talking head in a box being interrogated, I sort of get second thoughts about how friendly it might look to the audience of Guardians of Galaxy, for instance. But then again, hardly anyone would see in all that anything more than a CGI fairytale.
Personally, I think the Aussies have once again managed to come up with something crazy in style. In case it seems as if the previous sentence doesn’t spell much, perhaps a rewatch of Mad Max 2 (CGI wasn’t available at the time) or Son of a Gun (I mean, why waste time on a bank heist when there’s a gold mine?) might help. Sure, Nekrotronic is not exactly of the same genres as the two aforementioned, but if I think how two Aussie brothers here have managed to put actual dark occult arts, and respective world view in plain sight, right in front of an average movie watching audience, all I can say is “haha, this is f*cking insane”.

I could wrap this up right here, and be done with it, but that wouldn’t be fair towards the main antagonist, which is, interestingly, the lead protagonist’s relative. Ladies and gents – could you ever guess it – the Monest of all Monicas does magic on screen once again, only this time it’s full on demonic; evil and angry. But in case you’re wondering if there’s an occult level to this too; particularly, if you risk to be left without soul by watching the Monest of all Monicas in Nekrotronic then let me assure you, I’m alive and my soul seems to still be with me, thus you’re likely to be safe and sound after watching it.

Peer Ynt

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