Way of the Cross with Lyokoheros - episode 3

By Lyokoheros | Whispers of Digital Sea | 14 Apr 2023

[Polska wersja tego posta (oryginał rozważań) dostępna tu, z kolei wyjaśnienie odnośnie serii jakiej jest częścią tu(tylko angielska wersja) - seria zakończy się na mniejszej liczbie postów niż planowałem, prawdopodobnie będzie jeszcze tylko jeden zestaw rozważań - w Wielki Piątek]

And I'm late again. Well, it's still in the Octave, and it's Friday, so... I think we can say it is kinda fitting actually. And of course the fact that it is published now, means that the summary of the project will be a bit later... I think somewhat at the end of the weekend.     

But now, without further ado it's time for the final meditations this year, these have a bit of a gap from last ones (I don't remember if it is due to me not making any in 2017 and 2018 or if I just couldn't find them) - they come from 2019. All biblical qoutes come from there.

(If You don't know what it is about You can simply check out my introductory post for Lent projects)

Way of the Cross – each year we recollect the Jesus’ way to Calvary. Way, which of all fragments of history of salvation, has the most important message. It shows both the immense sacrifice ouf Savior made for us in absolutely perfect offering, and the fact that our lives as believers won’t be a bed of roses. But it also shows what needs to be done, to come out as a winner in this seemingly hopeless battle. So watch carefully into the convict from Calvary, and read the lesson He gave us once more.

Station I: Jesus Sentenced to Death

Outrageous! A impious man sentenced the God himself! How could this happen? We often ask this question seeing how the wicked judge over innocent ones, punishing their virtues and fight against ubiquitous sin. Today world turn completely upside down, and many sees good as evil and evil as good.

But even Jesus himself under unjust accusation – despite never recognizing the verdict as just – endure His fate, knowing that there is greater God’s plan in it, that God didn’t let that happen without a reason.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to be able to see God’s plan in everything despite all misfortunes and injustice.


Station II: Load of the Cross

Jesus accepted weight of the cross put on Him. But He was carrying more than just some piece of wood. He carried the weight of our sins.

“But I don’t have any mortal sins*!” - someone could say. Bud everyone of us commit sins, even if just the venial** ones, light as little pebbles, maybe even grains of sand. That’s barely any weight, right?

But it’s never just one little sin, there is always more of them, sometimes we may even say that’s it not even a sin after all, and we commit it again and again. And with that one piece after another we add weight for Jesus to carry, weigh He willingly took on Himself to save us all.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to never forgot about the weight of our sins and not let ourself to disregard them.


Station III: First Fall

How could that happen? How God could fall? And how I could fall? I always was close to God, lived with the sacraments and tried to deepen my faith and relationship with God, so how it could happen?

Perhaps exactly for me to remember that everyone can fall. Jesus Himself felt under the weight of the cross, but also show us what to do in such situations – rise up and go on.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to never forget about our imperfection, and to be ready to rise up from every fall.


Station IV: Meeting with the Mother

Every mother is different, and yet for everybody his or her own will be this best one. We respect and value her, she’s support and help for us. With Jesus it surely was the same, when He meet her on the way of the cross, she surely was great support for Him.

But we always forgot, that the Church is also our moter. But do we alawys respect it? Or maybe we let to offend it, or – even worse – we do it ourselves.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to always respect our mother, both, that who born and raise us, and the one which Church is.


Station V: Help from Simon of Cyrene

Simon of the Cirene, what special did he even do? He didn’t even want to help Jesus, so what a merit is that? He just done what he was ordered to. But are we really looking at it the right way?

The man from Cirene accepted his duty with humility, he fulfilled a new task, despite not really wanting it, or maybe not even having the strength for it. Can we say the same about ourselves?

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to always be able to humbly perform our duties.


Station VI: Help of st. Veronica

The attitude of st. Veronica is perhaps the most beautiful that we see on the entire way of the cross – despite the crowd, that despise Him, she helped a total stranger. In a sincere move of heart, she wanted to relieve Him in His suffering at least a bit. Even though she seen, that it would put her in danger too.

Would we also be capable of such courage? Or would we be afraid of being laughed at or just would rather stay indifferent for whatever other reason.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to always have the courage to bring help to others, even despite the risk.


Station VII: Second fall

Jesus fall another time. I also was trying my best, I really do, but it happen again. I fall another time. I wanted to improve myself, but yet again I did make the same mistake.

What should I do now? The answer is given by the convict from Calvary. He rise up and go on despite adversities, despite there is still a long way before him.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to never stop working on ourself and fight agains our sins.


Station VIII: Consolation of the Women

On his way Jesus met the weeping women. But why were they crying?Jesus have surprising word for them: “do not weep for me; weep rather for yourselves and for your children”. This make us realize important truth: that what was happening on Calvary was supposed to happen, and the real tragedy was not the suffering of Jesus itself, but the sins he was suffering for – our sins.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to be always able to see what is a real tragedy.


Station IX: Third fall

Third falling. Already a third? How Jesus could fall so many times? But He’s a God after all! And how I could fall for the third time… and fourth, tenth, thirtieth… I even lost count already. What’s the point of rising up again? I would fall again anyway! What the effort is even for?

And yet Jesus still holds out his hand, to help us rise again. No matter how many time we will fall, He will always forgive us and accept us with open arms. What He except for us is not exactly not to fall, but to rise up every time, and take the effort to go on.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to not get discouraged with our fallings and still aim to improve ourself everyday despite them.


Station X: Division of Robes

He was stripped of His robes, all the pain His torturers inflicted to Him wasn’t enough to them, they have to get even the robes from Him too. They wanted to rip him off of His dignity, not ever realising with who they are dealing with.

But do we always realize our dignity of God’ child? Today world wholeheartedly encourages us to tarnish it ourselves, to willingly denude ourselves. It makes forgetting what’s really important quite easy, if we would not recollect the convict from Calvary.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to never forget our dignity of God’s child and never tarnish it.


Station XI: Nailing to the Cross

He’s getting nailed to the cross. They prepare the final suffering for Him, and the final humiliation.

But the worst part is that my sins are what nailed Him to the cross. That seemingly harmless lie. That nasty word, said kinda as a joke. Mocking someone who needed help. Applauding the sins instead of dare to scold it. Giving in to the lust, acting out of pride, anger and many, many more.

That was exaclty what was the real reason of Jesus’s suffering, much more than this nails piercing through his body.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to never forget that You suffer on the cross for our sins.


Station XII: Death on the Cross

It had been done, the climax of history of salvation, the fulfillment of all the prophecies. The offering, that was retribution for our sins. The infinite love itself was hanging on the cross. As no one can have greater love than to lay down his life for others. God was ready to sacrifice Himself for us.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to be able to answer with love for Your love, and never waste Your perfect gift.


Station XIII: Taking down from the Cross

It’s over. Jesus was taken off of the cross. He died and His way of the cross ended. What was supposed to happen – did happen. He made a sacrifice for all of us, His mission on Earh reach its definite end. And now it’s up to us what we will do with this gift that Jesus left behind.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to be able to answer for gift of salvation, which You left for us after Your torment.


Station XIV: Entombment

Jesus was placed in grave. His enemies thought it is the end. That they already won They place the armored guards to seal that state, Jesus was supposed to be erased from history and forgotten… but all the intents of ruler of this world and His adherents were doomed to be thwarted – despite apparent lose it was Jesus who won, and His work of salvation wasn’t forgotten, but spread on the entire world. What they planned to be the end, become the new beginning.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to never forget that with God we will always be victorious in the end and reach salvation.

And here way of the cross ends. But at the same time the way of the cross which is our live continues on. There may be fallings on it, but we will also meet many Simons of Cirene and st. Veronicas. And maybe we will be them for others. So let’s boldly take our cross and as Jesus deny ourselves, as at the end of the way salvation awaits us.

*there was a bit of a world play there. In Polish one of the words for “mortal sin” is “grzech ciężki”, where “ciężki” as a world itself is meaning “having a lot of weight” - which work also metaphorically, for example it could be about the importance or more serious version of something - including sin.
**again, similar worldplay: venial sin is called also “grzech lekki”, where “lekki” means “having a little of weight”

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