Way of the Cross with Lyokoheros - episode 1

By Lyokoheros | Whispers of Digital Sea | 14 Mar 2023

[Polska wersja tego posta (oryginał rozważań) dostępna tu, z kolei wyjaśnienei odnośnie serii jakiej jest częścią tu(tylko angielska wersja)]

Sorry for another delay, but my family got the idea of making clean ups on Sunday, and I also get somewhat involved, when I was planning to check and finish my translation... and in the end I didn't managed to finish this, especially that there was a few other things I had to do along the way... and I have a little bit of problem with translating. I mean I wasn't everytime sure how to really translate well what I had in mind into english... but I hope it will be good enough. But it was another factor that cause it to take longer than I initially expected...

Anyway it's high time already to go into the . I made all of them as member of my parish KSM and I decided that it will be best to go with them in the chronological order, so i starte with the oldes one I could find in my files, which are ones from 2015

(If You don't know what it is about You can simply check out my introductory post for Lent projects)


Today yet another time we will go in the footsteps of a convict from Calvary. We go with Him on this journey full of suffering, through the road from two thousand years ago. We will meet there an impious cruelty, but also examples of beautiful love. Will we be just observers, or will we live through it together with Jesus and learn a lesson from this road? A lesson, which will let us be better people.


Station I: Jesus Sentenced to Death

It all began with the false accusation from teachers of the Law and the unjust sentence of Pilate. Maybe he didn’t want to sentence Jesus, because he didn’t see any guilt in Him… but all others wanted that. He didn’t have the strength to do what was right and choose the easier way instead - sentence Jesus to death through the crucifixion and washed his hands of that to calm his own conscience.

Don’t we act the same sometimes? We don’t really want to do something, because we know it’s evil, unjust, cruel. But we still do it anyway. Because all people do. Because in another case they would laugh at us, they would hate us, and turn away from us.

But what is really more important? Acceptance of others, or doing what’s right, what please God, what is consisten with His will?

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to not be like Pilate and to be able to do good things, even when that may cause other to turn away from us.


Station II: Load of the Cross

After Jesus was sentenced, a heavy cross was put on his shoulder. It was heavy not form its physical weight but rather from the sins of all people - including ours. But He didn’t complain. He loved us so much, that he take the weight of all our sins on Himself. And yet, while the weight of one single sin may be enormous, we carelessly add more weight for Jesus to hold - by humiliating others, giving in to lust, sinful urges, or laziness, disregarding other people and hurting them, not respecting what's sacred and holy.

But God gives us a chance to be like Jesus. - give us our crosses and it's only up to us to persistently carry them or give up. However, God never gives us such crosses that we couldn’t bear.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to always remember, that every sin adds to Your suffering, so we could turn back soon enough, and for us to persistently carry our crosses.


Station III: First Fall

Jesus falls under the weight of the cross. It wouldn’t be so easy to carry it even at full strength, but he was tormented and tortured before, the Roman soldiers ruthlessly scourged Him and hit him with the reed in the head on which He has the crown of thorns, so it’s not a surprise He ran out of strength. An yet He rose up. He did it for us and wasn’t ever planning to back out of it, He intended to stay in it to the very end. For us.

We often ran out of our strength too. When we fight against temptations, the fight is often difficult - we are tired, and nothing goes our way. But we should never give up, and never lose faith. Because God will always forgive us and help us to rise up.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to always be able to rise up again.


Station IV: Meeting with the Mother

The way of the cross was not only a source of the suffering for Jesus Himself, His mother Mary suffered together with Him too. They meet on this final earthly journey. And this meeting give Him strength, because He knew, that His mother is together with Him.

Just as our mothers are always by our side – even when we don’t realize it – and even when they suffer too, they can sooth our suffering.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to love our mothers enough, and always appreciate their love.


Station V: Help from Simon of Cyrene

Seeing how little strength Jesus had, the soldiers take Simon of Cyrene, who was just passing by, to help. He surely didn’t like it. He was tired from his own work already, and now he also had to carry the heavy cross for the stranger. He didn’t even realize how significant and wonderful the task was entrusted to him: he was helping God Himself.

We also often don’t see what task God is entrusting to us. They are hard on us and so we rebel, not even realizing what was really going on.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to always be able to see the task You entrust to us, and to be able to obey the will of Your Father.


Station VI: Help of St. Veronica

Among all observers, no one had the courage to approach and help Jesus just a little. Even if they weren’t indifferent to His suffering, no one decided to do anything to relieve Him even a bit. No one, except Saint Veronica. She, showing up great courage, and regardless of the guards, wiped His face. A seemingly small gesture, but no one else couldn’t do even that. And often a gesture is what matters.

We often also don’t have enough courage to help somebody - even when it doesn’t require much effort - because we would ridicule ourselves, we would come as “wimps”, or provoke someone to carry his aggression on us, or we would face other trouble. But is just compassion itself enough to help?

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to not be afraid to help others, regardless of what it can bring on us.


Station VII: Second fall

Despite meeting good people on His way, ones who helped Him, like st. Veronica, Jesus still didn’t have enough strength to carry the cross and fall another time. Others probably would lose hope and give up at this point, but He rose up again, and despite the pain, went on.

What about us? What do we do, when we fall again when we are committing the same sin over and over again? And each time it is easier to give in, sometimes it even seems like we would actually want to give in to temptation. For us, it starts to seem that nothing is gonna help us, that there’s no point in confessing again. But God will never reject us, no matter how many time we would fall, He still reaches His helping hand to us, so we could rise up. And go on, free of sin.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to never reject God’s forgiveness.


Station VIII: Consolation of the Women

On his way, Jesus meets many people, including the crying women. And even though they did pity Jesus, they didn’t do anything about it. They weren’t sinless themselves, and yet see just the cruelty of those who tormented him. But Jesus, despite His suffering paid attention to their cries and console them, but also admonish them, that they should rather cry over their own sins and their children.

We are like that too - we pity others, but do nothing with it, and didn’t see our own sins.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to not only pity others, but also take actions, and be able to see our sins.


Station IX: Third fall

It was almost the end. There wasn’t much left, but yet just before the end of his journey, he fall yet another time. It could seem like not it is really the end, that He won’t rise up. But it wasn’t the case. Despite another falling, He rose up and go up this road all the way to Calvary, when he was about to give His life for us.

And what about us? We say “it was the last time, I won’t commit this sin ever again”. And then what? We again let the devil deceive us with false promises of freedom, fun time, enjoyment, pleasure or just relieving ourselves. And the consequences are deplorable. However, God is still giving us yet another chance. And another and another, because He is the one, who will never turn back on us, even when the whole world will is against us.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to not be deceived by the evil one and always use the chance to rise up and go back to Your Father.

Station X: Division of Robes

When Jesus arrived at Calvary, before he was nailed to the cross, his executioners just had to torment him in yet another way. Scourging, making the show by paying mockery of a homage by beating Him, and sending Him on this way wasn’t enough. No, they have yet to strip Him of his garments and divide His robes among themselves. They take even that from Him, leaving absolutely nothing to Him, wanting to take everything. But even this couldn’t take His dignity.

Aren’t we as cruel as they are at times? Weren’t we ever so done on somebody, that we wanted to destroy this person, give away his or her dignity, all in the name of stupid revenge? And do we ever help a man, which we saw under such attacks?

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to always respect the dignity of others, and don’t let anyone to slander it.


Station XI: Nailing to the Cross

It began. Now they’re brutally nailing the feet and hands of Jesus. He is supposed to be hung on the cross and die on it. Each hammered nail causes enormous pain, as each carries a load of our sins. It is we, who cause Him this pain. We commit sins and don’t even think, that God Himself give His life for us, so we could reach salvation despite our guilt. He takes our sins from us and with these nails accepts them on Himself, with all the suffering that comes with it.

We must always remember how big of a sacrifice Jesus made for us, appreciate it in our daily life, and be ready to suffer for Him as He suffered for us.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to not hurt You anymore with our sins and not be afraid to suffer for You.


Station XII: Death on the Cross

It had been done. God lose His life, killed by people. Unimaginable absurd. Almost as big as the fact He was willing. Willingly take our sins on Himself, suffered the torments of the way of the cross, and die on the cross in torture.

He did all that just out of one reason - his boundless love for us. Sacrifice out of his love was the biggest give he could ever give us, and he didn’t expect anything in return. He was ready to give up everything for us, and if it would be needed He would surely die for us again. And whole dozens of times again. But now similar challenge may lie before us. Would we be ready to return his love and give up our own life for faith? Often it is hard for us to make just a little sacrifice of our own discomfort or mess up our reputation, but it shouldn’t be so…

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to be ready for any sacrifice for You.


Station XIII: Taking down from the Cross

After he died, no one cared for Jesus anymore. He was taken down from the cross because now He was only taking up that place. He was unnecessary, so He was erased. It could seem like it was His final defeat - He was killed and now His inert. the lifeless body is taken down from the cross. It was thought it is the end of Jesus from Nazareth, it was wanted for him to be forgotten.

And even now some of us don’t remember about it, we live like nothing like that ever happen. But we must never forget or let Jesus ever be forgotten. Even though there are people, who would try to make it happen.

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to never forget about the sacrifice that You made for us on the cross.


Station XIV: Entombment

Joseph of Arimathea take the body of Jesus and laid it in his own tomb. It was all that a former student could do for his master. The last act of mercy closes the story. But those, who were listening, to what Jesus was telling while alive, knew that He won’t stay long in the tomb.

He prophesied the resurrection of the bodies, at the end of times. But until it happens, we should go in the footsteps of Joseph of Arimathea - respect the dead, and bury every one of them with dignity, hoping that they soon meet with our savior.

Because the death of Jesus was only the beginning. Beginning of salvation, just as our death is just the beginning of eternal life

We beg You, our lord Jesus, for us to respect the dead and never forget that death is only the beginning.


Here this way of the Cross ends, but actually, there is one more station: XV - the Ressurection. Because after death came the resurrection, Jesus defeat death for us. And we should now, in the time of Lent be born again, rise from the dead, the spiritual death, which endangers us so much nowadays. Revive as new people, who will preach the Gospel with deeds and words.


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