Brave Browser Adblock Not Working - One Fix That Worked

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 9 Oct 2020

Meh... Sometimes it is the simplest of solutions, that go right back to basics, that are an iframing pain in the terabytes - Braves Browser is for the most not a major problem... But sometimes, just sometimes a little niggle appears and all techie logic and knowledge flies out of the window via mish-mash of all that has been loaded into the brain over the years.

A recent update had me scratching my head as to why the Brave Browser Adblocker had suddenly stopped behaving as it should - namely unless the Lion Icon is switched off (grey), the visited website will not display...

Well guess Frankincense what?

It's only chip-flipping JavaScript that is the issue... It may be switched off in your Brave Browser 'settings' - I know you do not remember doing this... Nor do I. 

The Solution

Click the three dots located on the Brave Toolbar and scroll down to 'Settings' and click. 

From there scroll down to the Advanced section and click on 'Site Settings'. 

Scroll down to 'JavaScript' - click on it and enable the radio button, which you may see has been switched off... Basically switch it back on and exit settings. Then refresh the browser by closing and reopening Brave.

If JavaScript is already on, leave it on... Refer to below. 

This solution worked for my machine, if it does not for you then you will need to find another solution because I fixed my issue and obviously didn't need another.


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