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A Good Reason Not To Support Defund The Police

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 12 Apr 2023

A Good Reason Not To Support Defund The Police - You will see and hear why. I have reposted this article as I needed to update slightly.

In my opinion any American state supporting 'Defund The Police' and any movement or political party supporting such, should be put on trial themselves for 'Crimes Against Humanity - as soon as humanly possible, and financial funding reinstated IMMEDIATELY to ALL police department's across the United States.

I am bemused by the audacious behaviour of many Democrat run states and cities across America - My other half, our, son... are also caught up in our own circumstances, that follows a similar path of a stranger trespassing into the home my other half and our son, while I had been away... a perpetrator with many previous arrests, and several warrants including 'Assault Section 5 U.S.Law'... but still released into the public... even after the crime to my family - UN-(F)-BELIEVABLE!!!

This along with a catalogue of errors and the basics of standard protocol not being followed by the visiting police officers (three of them). I will not go into much detail about what happened. But my soulmate and son are very lucky to be alive... and it has been a devastating period in our lives.

I cannot help but wonder how much what has happened within my own family, is down to police funding, and the far-left Democrat run state, as to why many he was there in the first place... and a set of the craziest circumstances leading up to the crime... OMG I can tell you it has been surreal... I may one day write about what happened... but for now things are still up in the air with the investigation still ongoing.

I will let you all in on this however... the police have simply not followed protocol from the off, not just one officer but three and a detective. Very off...

A recent viscious and tragic crime took place. A crime that was sinister and calculating, resulting in Christy Bautista being brutally murdered by a repeat offender in Washington D.C... a city in a state in which Democrats, and the new mayor support defunding the police... remarkable!

Christy Bautista was tragically murdered.

Image: Christy Bautista

The following video via Fox News and Tucker Carlson you may find distressing, but perfectly highlights some of the sinister actions going on not only within the Democrat led state, but at local government and Mayoral level.

If one video perfectly highlights a reason to stop the madness of 'Defund The Police', this should convince you, if you somehow support such madness, that this whole far-left approach of defunding those there to protect and serve you... is not f*cking working is it now? When the crazies come to your family? Who will be the first you are going to dial 911 and ask for? ARE YOU NUTS?

Here is that video for you while I go calm down... frustrating and totally baffling... even infuriating.

I have myself in the past been guilty of supporting defunding police of certain types of weaponry and equipment (not guns) when dealing with protests, I still believe rightly so... but to defund the police and continue to release repeat dangerous offenders is surely offensive to everybody after watching this report via Tucker Carlson?

Sources: YouTube, Tucker Carlson, Fox News, Own Experience

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