Wanna help fight the Corona virus? You can with your PC by doing this

If you are concerned about the recent Corona virus breakout and would like to help out more than just shoveling money at a non-profit, here is a great opportunity to help. You can run a piece of software on your computer called BOINC which stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. You attach to the [email protected] project and allow it to download work units. They will process and automatically upload when done. 


These are likely jobs that are modeling the Spike complex ( of 2019-nCoV_S, the corona virus. The genome has been sequenced and there is a mad rush to determine structures for possible drug targets.

We are collaborating with a number of different research groups to model corona virus proteins that may be possible drug targets, including the NIH/NAIAD and SSGCID


I have a few videos assisting on setting up the BOINC software. Be forwarned that some of these work units have reported to using up to 3.5GB of RAM each. So, monitor the rig and limit the number of in progress work units as needed. You can contact my team at the link below for assistance on proper configuring if needed. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and make sure to like/share the videos.

You can also reach out for support to anyone on the [H]ard|OCP team here

If you would like to join our team after setting up, please do so here



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What is Volunteer Computing and why do it?
What is Volunteer Computing and why do it?

Volunteer computing (VC) is the use of consumer digital devices, such as desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones, for high-throughput scientific computing. Device owners participate in VC by installing a program that downloads and executes jobs from servers operated by science projects. You can read a paper by one of the most known developers for volunteer computing platforms here. -

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