How to setup up a BiblePay wallet and PoDC 2.0

I have a few videos aiding in the process of setting up BiblePay. If you find the videos helpful, please subscribe, like, and share as it does help out a lot. The first video is a simple wallet install.


This second video walks you through the process of setting your wallet up to receive Proof of Distributed Computing 2.0 awards


For those that have never ran distributed computing apps, I have a few videos getting you set up with the BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) application. 


Windows 10




Faucets for getting BBP: - (requires KYC)

SouthXchange - (requires CPID found on WCG page)


General questions and support on setting up BOINC



Create an account at World Community Grid

Create an account here


General questions and support on BiblePay



Software downloads

Download BOINC

Download BiblePay Wallet

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What is Volunteer Computing and why do it?
What is Volunteer Computing and why do it?

Volunteer computing (VC) is the use of consumer digital devices, such as desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones, for high-throughput scientific computing. Device owners participate in VC by installing a program that downloads and executes jobs from servers operated by science projects. You can read a paper by one of the most known developers for volunteer computing platforms here. -

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