The Introduction of the PVE Function

By JDstar | What is Starcrazy? | 24 Feb 2024

After a long time of preparation, we have designed the long-awaited PVE feature for you, which will allow you to fight random Wizard Starz in the universe to win abundant game items.

First, on the universe page, a new button will appear at the bottom of the screen: StarTrial. That is the entry to the PVE function:

Click the button to enter the PVE function. On the page, information including the planet where the Wizard Starz will appear today, the planet owner, and the location as well as the element of that planet will be shown. The planet where the Wizard Starz appears each day changes at 0:00 UTC

You can see at the bottom the number of free chances left today. Players need to spend GFS for extra chances to fight Wizard Starz if they run out of free chances. In the picture above, you can click the “+” icon in the spaceship to send your starz given one remaining free chance.

Unlike the PVP function, there is no restriction on the starz you can use in the PVE function, meaning that you can even send three UR starz to fight. So please use the strongest lineup you have to fight!

Of course, simply sending 3 UR starz doesn’t represent your strongest lineup in this function since starz can enjoy a strong 15% attack power buff if their element matches that of the planet selected everyday. That buff is decided by players through last week’s Twitter polls. Given the buff, the attack power of an SSR even SR starz may surpass that of a UR starz. In this case, you can achieve higher damage in the PVE function by selecting the starz having the same element as that of the planet. You should carefully choose the starz costing them one energy point to fight in this function. Starz without any energy points cannot be sent in a PVE or PVP battle. Moreover, planet owners can enjoy a unique 5% health buff if they fight on their selected planet. Therefore, the owners should carefully use this chance which may allow them to achieve higher damage than usual.

You can click the confirm button after selecting your lineup. Before clicking the button, please check your lineup since it cannot be changed if you click the button costing one energy point for each starz.

You will enter the PVE battle page after you click the confirm button. The page is similar to that of the PVP function. However, what you fight are Wizard Starz with strong power being unbeatable by one player. They will be defeated with the concerted effort from all players using their accumulated battle experiences. After that, abundant rewards will be provided to PVE players acknowledged and rated by those Wizard Starz.

What sets the PVE function different from other functions is the damage display at the top of the screen, showing the total damage done by players in a battle to Wizard Starz. The calculation of rewards and the drop of game items are based on the damage after the end of a battle. The higher the damage dealt, the greater the chance of getting ordinary and rare items. PVE rewards include rare skill books and planet building blueprints. The former can be applied to learn skills through the training ground on planets while the latter can be used to build different structures on a planet.

The Wizard Starz are too strong to be killed by one player so a battle will end after the lineup of a player is defeated by them. Players will get different rewards based on their damage in the battle.

You can fight Wizard Starz more frequently to have a higher chance to get skill books and blueprints which are highly rare.

At this point, we can see that there are no free chances left. In this case, starting another challenge will cost a certain amount of GFS. If we still want to fight, we select our starz again and click the confirm button. Instead of going into battle directly, a contract call page will pop up. In order to achieve fairness for making the token allocation trustable, this process is completed through the smart contract. 90% of the GFS paid by players will go to the contract before being destroyed. The remaining 10% goes to the planet owners holding PVE battles during the day. So the planet owners can try their best to promote their selected planets for players to fight on.

We’ll go into PVE battles when the contract is executed smoothly. Don’t worry if anything goes wrong during that process, your payment is still valid. You’ll notice that the number of your remaining chances has been refreshed. So you still have a chance to enter the PVE function as you did last time for free.

Here is the introduction of the leaderboards. Clicking the Ranking on the page will bring us to the leaderboards. There are two different leaderboards, namely the one based on total seasonal damage and the other based on damage per battle.

Like the PVP function, the reward claiming time and the performance of each player during a season will be shown. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the season based on their ranking. In the seasonal ranking, the rewards will be skill books for starz to learn skills. In the single-round ranking, the prizes will be building blueprints. So if you’re not lucky enough to get these rewards in normal PVE battles, you can actually get them by achieving a higher score on the leaderboards.

This is the introduction of the PVE function. I hope it can help you understand.

Steps to enter the game:

Option 1: Metamask

Step 1: Install the metamask:

Step 2: Add a custom RPC/Network In the MetaMask browser extension, open the “Networks” drop-down menu at the top, and click the “Add Network”:

Step 3: Input the respective network values for IoTeX Mainnet:

Network Name: “IoTeX Mainnet”

RPC URL: See Babel API Endpoints » (Example:

Chain ID: 4689

Symbol: IOTXExplorer URL:

Step 4: Click the Save button and make sure IoTeX is selected as the active network

Step 5: Click the link to enter the game:

Option 2:

Using Iopay Wallet you can download though this link:

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What is Starcrazy?
What is Starcrazy?

StarCrazy is a play-to-earn NFT game that is decentralized and is the No.1 DApp on the IoTeX blockchain. In the game, you can collect Starz and planets, fuse Starz to create endless combinations, and even mine tokens. The game has its own native tokens, $GFT and $GFS, which keep the StarCrazy metaverse running. Their supply is capped at 30M respectively.

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