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Quick Review Part#2

Torum: Connecting Worldwide Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and Making sure Every Lander Drives Lambo On The Moon.

 I recently posted a relevant short Torum Platform review. I am a Lander on the Torum social media platform, I really appreciate the fact that the Team Leaders Work for hard hand in hand, communicate into users as well. The CEO and the staff message and take care of the Torum users themselves. While the UNI token released, Torum's Team developed and prepared the XTM token upcoming event.


Hurry up hurry up

Today I am coming again to announce to you that the countdown begins 1 day ago today. The XTM token IEO pre-sale will be started within 3 days, specifically on 1st October 2020. According to CEO Community Manager Jayson Tan's announcement on TORUM Lander Community, The Token types are ERC20 which has a Total Supply of  1,000,000,000 XTM. The token price is 0.05USDT per XTM which is a fixed price, 3% of the Total supply will be circulated after ended IEO pre-sale. During the period of pre-sale Torum promise the participant a 20% bonus. Additionally, Those who purchase more than the specific amount will receive 10%-30% of their purchase token on a Bulk purchase plan labs. See the picture below 




 Coming soon

The XTM is an empowered Torum platform and the Features, such as the mining simulator, Token depository that will come soon, and so forth. It is a tradeable token on XTORUM Exchange. Only USDT accepted for purchasing XTM. Your purchased Token will go straight into your XTM wallet. I seem kind of lucky one to join TORUM earlier with the advantage of having already XTM in my wallet during the beta phase. 




Take a Profit

The Benefit on Torum is completing the mission. Each completed mission you earn free XTM on Torum social media. You also can create your own Clan Community similarly to a fan page where you post your own content. If you own Company feel free to create on companies upper tab to promote your product growth.


Join Torum Platform Today

 As I am not integrated into Torum Team Staff, not that I know of what will happen however I follow the upcoming updates on the platform. would you like to proceed with the social media blockchain technology ecosystem? this link straight forward the Torum project, and feel free to join here

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