Mortal Judgment Nature Cards, First Impressions.




The Mortal Judgement set is upon us, and the Public Test Realm(PTR) has been open for all of us. Thus, I wanted to give my first impressions of the changes and how potentially the meta will shakeup after this set comes out for my nature lovers. If Divine Order was all about being frenzied, Mortal Judgment is all about being healed. It has 28 nature cards, and most of them are about healing. All of the cards are subject to change as they are in the testing phase, and I will revisit them after they are finalized.



Injured Sprout

This card is a close cousin to Marsh walker; this card has an interesting mechanic focused on healing. Don't be fooled that it is a 1/1 stat line when it gets on the arena. It is by design to heal back to full health; it is to trigger the healing effects of other cards. This card isn't an opener but a facilitator in the mid-game.


Penumbra Howler

This howler will fit snugly into wild zoo deck variations and even nature regen variations. It is an early game card to buff up your other wild creatures.



We finally have a spiderling joining the nature cards, and it is a joyous moment while being deadly. It will fit in almost all nature decks, but it has tough competition for one cost.


Territorial Dominion

This is a board control spell that can change the game in your favor if played right. If you have played Selena's insight, think of this spell as a little brother to it.


Vulpine Collector

Can this sly fox, dethrone the two mana cost king black panther. The new mechanic temp fate will determine it as I can see this played over black panther and take the temp fate coinflip.


War's Wake

Wars wake is an interesting card as it will be again in healing nature decks. As the two injured sprouts will trigger the healing effects of other cards, I am excited to see a new deck type.


Vexing Rascal

The first of many if healed X cards in this set. It has regen and does damage when it's healed, and I see this as a staple in the heal regen decks.


Loam Strider

This card can be an early game monster paired with flourish. I see this dropped early and become a sticky two cost to get the healing deck going.


Plan the Hunt

This is the opposite of the hunt, another card that will become meta with healing regen decks. It heals your characters for two, which will trigger healing effects and give them hidden; what's not to like.


Sword Breaker Sage

This is the first relic removal for the amazon clan, if I am not mistaken. It was on my wishlist for amazons in this set, with how prevalent relics are in this meta, and my wish has come true.


Nemesis Wasp

Another wild card with tempt fate. It is similar to underbrush boar, where you get two attacks on a turn, but it doesn't attack at the end of a turn but instead at the start of your turn.


Furious Felid

This card is underwhelming as the roar does one damage to 1/1 creatures. However, this could be a counter against echo decks if that becomes a thing next set.


Agrodor Border Guard

We have Agrodor Protector; now we get a border guard. I am excited to see more amazons with frontlines as it gives amazon decks diversity. It will be most likely used in healing/regen deck variations with the heal it gives you at the end of the turn with the baked-in heal.


Bark Skin Warrior

Another amazon with a heal and regen. I see this card again in decks centered around healing and fourish to activate other cards. This card could be slotted into zoo deck amazon variations as a stand-alone.


Forrestheart Dryad

An echo wild card with an interesting healing feature. I see this being played in all healing decks as it will enable other card traits and give you board control if played right.


Dalia Night Gardener

She will be your lynchpin if you play an amazon variation of a healing deck. If not, it will still slot into nature variations of healing decks and play a lot like Finian fruitbearer does.


Dagan the Dawn Wolf

This wolf is activated by all the heals your friendly creatures get. It comes with blitz and regen, which in turn will give it even more stats. I see this as a staple in healing/regen nature decks.


Druid of The Cycle

In my opinion, this card is a counter to death decks, where you keep obliterating their cards and stopping the bleeding. It has an echo giving you an extra card to play, and I see this being played both in wild and amazon deck variations.


Hopeful Druid

There aren't many good four cost amazons, and this card could be that. It is viable in stand-alone amazon zoo decks. And it will gain additional value in healing/regen decks as well.


Barksworn Hunter

This is a powerful card, in my opinion, and will be highly touted in amazon decks. It has a mechanic similar to underbrush Boar, and it also has the echo mechanic. What's not to like about this card.


Warrior of Paradise

Another strong four-cost amazon; it comes with blitz and gives two strength to a random creature. I see this played in amazon zoo deck variations.


Beast Liberator

This is an interesting card draw option for nature decks. It is an amazon yet draws a wild creature, and I am not sold on it yet as there are better card draw options for nature decks. As a stand-alone amazon, it is weak, in my opinion.


Lupine Wayfarer

With Valwarden Minotaur being the premier five cost for nature players, it will be interesting to see if this Lupine can dethrone it. It will heavily depend on the coin flip mechanic Temp Fate.


Pack Succession

I believe this card will go over people's heads till they realize its value, being both a card draw and removal option. This card would be a better option than falling star, in my opinion.


United Reinforcements

I like that this card can be played in both amazon and wild decks. Although when it comes to amazon decks, I still believe Arkominan Onslaught is the better option. Although for wild decks, this could be a trial of the hydra alternate in healing/regen variations.



The queen and lynchpin of this set, if you are playing a flourish, healing/regen deck, you will be playing this card. It will summon 1/1 noxian archanes, which are deadly and gain an extra attack. Do not be fooled by the 3/3 stat line.


Albino Hydra

This hydra could be played as a finisher in mid-ranged decks, doing six damage to the opposing God. I believe it is underwhelming unless you have a close dual in the arena and the six damage eeks out the win.


Hibernating Ursine

This is another interesting mechanic for a wild creature, if you attack with this card every other turn, it will heal to full health. This paired with Silkspite would be a deadly combo, and I won't be surprised to see this played in all healing/regen decks.



I am super excited for this set to come out as there will be many playstyle changes, mostly revolving around the healing mechanic. Amazons are also unchained in this set, bringing in some compelling cards. Let's see if this set can make fourish great again.



Card Images - Gods Unchained
Background - Hans Eiskonen on Unsplash

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