Polkadot's exciting 10 day Round-Up


17th march 2021 - Polkassembly Motion 70 : Council members successfully passed a motion  to upgrade to runtime v29. This sends it to the external que where it will then be voted on as a referendum.

19th March 2021 - An updated Treasury Proposal for funding an open-source EVM NFT bridge is posted. The user states "we have been drafting a protocol for NFT migration in which we have separated the concept of bridge and the concept of relay. As the NFT migration standard is almost complete, we now want to start the work on implementing bridges based on that standard, as well as the tools for others to build bridges."  

22nd March 2021 - A vote to nominate a proposal relating to talks that will take place during the "Polkadot Decoded" virtual conference for the Polkadot community, Users are asked to pick three talks per category, voting ends on the 4th of April.

24th March 2021 The staking rate continues to increase (currently at 64.1%) as well as the minimum nomination, which is currently at 206 DOT.

25th March 2021 - Barring a major change in the vote, at block 4'345'767, the Polkadot runtime will be upgraded to v29. You may seem some slower block times than usual, but this is temporary.

25th March 2021 - Enjin  adds Polkadot +Kusama to the Enjin wallet as part of their vision to expand the Enjin ecosystem.

25th March 2021 - Test parachain auctions + Crowdloans launch  on Rococo.

26th March 2021 - Acala, that  claims to be the DeFi hub of Polkadot, wins the first parachain slot auction on the testnet 'Rococo'. Acala is the first to occupy a public parachain slot on Rococo.

26th March 2021 -  Polkadot  successfully upgrades to runtime v29.



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