AtmosSoft Spawning Pool


AtmosSoft Spawning Pool    


What is AtmosSoft?  

AtmosSoft is creating an NFT card game in the spirit of Hearthstone and Pokemon featuring Mechbots, Monsters, Mythicals and Solar Fighters. AtmosSoft is a play to earn game that allows Player vs Player and Player vs Environment Battles. It also features $ATMSSFT tokens that are used for governing the game, in-game currency, staking for passive rewards and other game usage. AtmosSoft is a BSC DeFi project with video game aspirations and neat ideas.  

Why Select AtmosSoft?   

AtmosSoft is one of the few NFT card games on BSC. It has a neat theme that should make a fun card game and offers earn to play opportunities. AtmosSoft also offers DeFi features that allow staking NFT’s, staking tokens and farming. Most of all RugZombie has partnered with AtmosSoft to create a new NFT and offers a way to acquire $ATMOSSFT tokens in our spawn pool. This token will be useful for anyone who wants to play this exciting new game and acquire their NFT’s. We love what they are doing, as it is akin to what RugZombie team is developing in terms of gaming!   

We don’t view projects like this as “competition” in the space but as fellow contributors who share the same vision as us, so it truly is an honor to have them join the pools!  

About the NFT and the Pool  

The NFT is created by Geek Amy Art and she is Zombabe, [insert cat noise]; this pretty lady has joined the Zombie horde. When she’s not out biting people, She cooks delicious meals of brains a la mode. Stake $ZMBE in our AtmosSoft spawn pool and you can earn this NFT after 45 days and it will be considered LEGENDARY NFT in it’s ranking status.  

The AtmosSoft pool will be active for 45 days and then the NFT minting will shut off. You will only have 45 to mint the NFT after that the timer will shut off. This means you must be in the pool for at least half the time to receive the NFT because the timer will expire. Just as GRAVES have withdrawal timers our SPAWNING POOLS have similar mechanisms to encourage long term staking. Harvesting $ATMOSSOFT will not impact the NFT staking in any way. If you want to learn more about $ATMOSSOFT tokenomics check out their site here. Zombies have come to the last habitable planet in the solar system. May the best organism win!

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