Turtlecoin - 2GB Video card and CPU mining. How and Why?

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 1 May 2021

There are multiple ways to mine on your PC. Most of them are related to your video card mining Ethereum, Ravencoin, or even selling your processing power at services like Nicehash(and others). However what most people know that there isn't much love for hardware like CPUs and older video cards with 2GBs of RAM. Those currently are being deemed to be absolutely unprofitable.

However, this seems not to be completely true and currently, there is some money to be made mining TRTL (Turtle coin). And getting into that is very easy. Normally I would say that it's not worth it because of the hustle you need to go over to get rid of the coins and turn them into something either to hold or to sell for FIAT, but at this point, as a Publish0x user, it should be relatively easy, because TRTL is supported on Kucoin in a pair with ETH and BTC. And us having our P0x withdrawals going to Kucoin this can be relatively easy to handle.

I am currently away from home and I have some hardware sitting around and doing nothing when they could earn some money. It would probably not be enough to buy a car, but it will make enough to get some profit after calculating the electricity. I can imagine that many people are in a similar position owning hardware that cannot be used for the widespread Eth/Raven mining that requires more powerful VGA and is looking for other options. Let's give them one.

The place to start is called Turtlecoin Heromining Pool. The first thing to do is to get yourself and a TRTL wallet. Start here - the official website. There are several options - I myself chose the Windows version.


You can also access it from here. After downloading it, you will need to go over the steps to create a new wallet. Save the 12-word passphrase, create a wallet file, choose a password. A reminder not to share your passphrase with anyone is in order. If you lose it, recovering your wallet is impossible. Once that part is done, it should look something like this:


To access your public address(where you can send your mining rewards) you need to press the "receive" button and copy it from there. 


Afterward, it is time for you to head up to the pool website - Turtlecoin Herominers pool.

There's plenty of information on the front page that right now doesn't concern us:


What's important to us to know is that the minimum payout to the wallet is 1000 TRTL(about 0.44 cents) and it happens automatically every 1 hour. The next step is to go to the "Start" section and check the different options that they have for mining. There is a helpful video that you can watch in 4 minutes:

But ultimately you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and find the 6 different miners that at least one will work with your hardware. Sometimes you might need to use 2 of them 1 for each CPU and GPU. That depends on what exactly you are having. But everything is pretty straightforward. There are 6 different miners with minor differences on how to set up.


Basically, you need to click the blue text with the name of the miner and what it's for, this will take you to the GitHub page of that particular miner and let you download it. Remember, before downloading any miner, you need to create and folder somewhere on your Disk and put that folder in your Antivirus software exceptions list. That might be different for every specific AV software. If you skip that part it will start deleting your mining-related downloads as soon as you save it to your disk(if your browser doesn't block it first).

The most important part is to remember to put your wallet in the exact location that is described on each miner where the yellow text is: "YOUR_TURTLECOIN_WALLET_ADDRESS". Your worker name is something that might help you see differentiate the different components you are mining with (or different rigs) on the mining stats.

Assuming most of you guys will be using Windows it is important to know when downloading from GitHub which file is for you. I'd recommend getting the "Zip" version:


As with which miner you need to go I cannot advise you because it entirely depends on what hardware you got. Currently, on the laptop I use (it has an i5 Intel CPU and MX250 Nvidia GPU) I have it running with the violet miner. Which utilizes both at the same time the CPU and the GPU and saves me the hustle to run 2 different miners for each. The setting for it was completely easy:

Create turtlecoin-herominers.cmd file and copy / paste example below.

violetminer.exe --pool turtlecoin.herominers.com:10381 --username YOUR_TURTLECOIN_WALLET_ADDRESS --password YOUR_WORKER_NAME --algorithm turtlecoin

Where YOUR_TURTLECOIN_WALLET_ADDRESS was replaced with my wallet address: TRTLuyYAFezDhDYRAoWd3uYQuNhqyS8a2PzrTY4KEKGFVsMQAA6DHjQD7U9AmVPrK4fLFx3JGRPRaUSwGHAWw6nULfhnj1JW2ik and YOUR_WORKER_NAME with the name of the laptop. Afterward, I had to just save the file and double-click it to start mining.

You can access them on the main page and by scrolling a little bit down and finding "Your Stats & Payment History".


Where you can place your wallet address and press the "Lookup" button to be able to see your stats shortly after starting to mine. The current profitability on that laptop is about 950 TRTL per 24 hours and it spends about 60 watts of electricity. Which is about 30-35 cents profit per day. I know this is not a lot, but I prefer to think of it as an opportunity to obtain a coin that has room to grow. With a more powerful CPU and GPU, you can be making few bucks a day. 

If anyone has some questions please go ahead and ask in the comments and I will try to answer.






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