TRTL mining - real world mining results

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 2 May 2021

So, yesterday I posted an article on how to mine Turtlecoin (TRTL) on hardware that is no good in mining ETH or Raven. Today I am posting about the results I had after 24 hours with a laptop running I5-1035G1 and Geforce MX250 2GB. Those two are providing somewhere in the range of 4500-4600 m/h(4.5-4.6 K/h). That is enough to earn about 950 TRTL per 24 hours or 1000 in around 25 hours, which is the minimum payout from the herominers pool. 

Today's price of TRTL of $0.0004061, makes my earnings for the 25 hours of mining $0.42. It's not a lot, but we should remember that this is a laptop that is not intended for this kind of work.

The CPU delivery 1250 M/h and the VGA 3275 M/h on average.


The payout from the pool arrived about 2 hours after the mined coins reached 1000. And it reached my wallet within a few min:


I have now switched one of my other VGA from mining Raven to TRTL to see if the profit will outperform the RVN coin. From what I can see in the miners it is very close competition on which coin is more profitable. I will report later on the results of that test.



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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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