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By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 1 Feb 2020

Hello guys,

For me Publish0x is a wonderful place to express myself, learn new stuff, share things I already know with the community. I wanted to bring you this article in order to help those of you who are just starting here or just share with you the best way to withdraw your earnings to a awesome wallet, which is user friendly, secure and most of all highly functional.


The first thing to do  is to install the wallet itself. You can choose whatever platform you want.


The installation itself it is pretty straight forward. Then when you start the application you need to write down your unique "12-word backup phrase", which is used to restore/install the wallet on another device in case you lost it or simply changing it(store it some place safe, either on paper or some digital drive where only you have access). Additionally your wallet is protected with a password which you should not forget and need to provide each time you open the wallet. It is important to keep the wallet updated to the latest version so you can fully benefit from the new features they add with each version. The current Windows Version is 2.13.0, issued on 30 January 2020.

Anyway, let's go back on the topic of the withdrawal of your earnings from Publish0x. At the time of writing this article, we website offers tips 3 separate cryptocurrencies - BAT, Hydro and DAI. About 80-90% of the time the tips are in BAT, the rest are about equally divided between Hydro and DAI.  There are 3 ways to earn on Publish0x:

1) Write and Article and publish it in your blog to receive tips - you have limit of 4 or 5 articles which you can publish each day.

2) Tip other authors for their articles - there is certain number of tips you can give to other authors every day. I have never counted them myself, but I'd say they are around 10.

3) Be ambassador for Publish0x via your Affiliate link and invite other people to join the website and receive part of their tips and earnings. As far as I am aware there is no limit of how many people you can invite in Publish0x with your link.

Anyway, once you are registered and one or another way started earning, you need to reach the minimum withdrawal for each of the 3 currencies in order to be able to press the withdraw button. The amount you need to collect differs most of the time, but it is usually equal to 50 cents.

In order to see your earnings you have to log in. Then go to the top right corner where you see your name and from the drop down menu to select "Dashboard":


Once that's done, you will see a page where your stats from your time on the website: when you have joined, token earnings - monthly and lifetime, last 5 post earnings.


There are also 6 buttons displayed - Settings, Blogs, Posts, Authors you follow, Payments and Affiliate Stats. Where we need to go is the "Payments" section and it will take us here:


You will be able to see your balances and the minimum withdrawals for each token. However, before you were able to extract your earnings you need to do two things:

1) reach the minimum for each currency.

2) insert and Ethereum address (ERC20 compatible) into your account on Publish0x. Exchanges DO NOT OFFER ERC20 compatible addresses. And this is where Atomic Wallet comes to help. The ETH address which you will have in AW is exactly what you need. To get the address from the walled there are few simple steps. 

1) Start the application.

2) Insert the password.

3) Go to the wallet tab:


4) from the list of currencies find Ethereum, either by scrolling or using the search on top of it:


5) Once you find ETH click on it:


6) It would look like this.


Press the "receive button".

7) and you will be provided with a barcode and an address for ETH.


By pressing the button "Copy" you will have the address in your clipboard.

8) The next step is to go back to Publish0x website and to Dashboard and press "settings":


and then wallets:


9) Once on the wallets tab, you have only 2 things to do:

- paste the address from the clipboard into the empty line:


And click "save" after you are done.


10) the next step is to go back to Dashboard-> Payments and press that withdraw button for the currency you have reached the minimum withdrawal


And then agree with the therms and conditions from the popup window, but confirming the withdrawal in the blue button on the bottom right corner


There are few things to remember. The withdrawals are processed manually by the Publish0x team each Monday. So depending on which day of the week you process your request, it might take some time. You will receive 3 emails during that process -> once when you confirm the withdrawal, once when it is approved by the team and one once the Coins are sent to your wallet.

I usually request withdrawal on Sunday, it gets confirmed on Monday and I receive the coins sometime during Tuesday. 

2 more things to remember.

- You can only have 1 withdrawal at the time for each currency. You are not able to withdraw again until your previous withdraw is finished.

- You can request withdrawals for more than one currency at the time.


On the wallet side you don't need to do anything, the coins will arrive by themselves. The best part is, that all of them BAT, DAI and Hydro are all stored in Atomic Wallet. Your BAT page would look like that:



Once you collect some coins you can do whatever you want with them. Either exchange them for another asset, such as Bitcoin(to HODL), Tezos(to stake it with Atomic Wallet), Algorand(to stake it with Atomic Wallet) or simly keep them hoping that the price will rise. 

I am currently HODLING both BAT and Hydro hoping they will bring me some nice profit once the price goes drastically up.

I really hope you guys find this article useful in some way. Happy earning on Publish0x.



PS - remember to always save your private keys. You can do that in Atomic wallet by selecting Settings -> Private keys -> enter Password and press Show Private Keys. Then write the ETH private keys some place safe. Same thing as you did with the "12-word backup phrase". With the Private Keys, you can import your address to any other wallet if you decide to switch for some reason. But Never-Ever share your keys with anyone!

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