Lets put out crypto to work. Earn more from what you already have.

Lets put out crypto to work. Earn more from what you already have.

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 25 Dec 2019

Lets say you guys are like me - already accumulated some crypto and now you are looking to HODL and even increase the amount you got.

Let's discuss what are the best and safest options to put your crypto to work - to get interest on it(percentage per year).

Hands down, the best possible option is to stake(or run a masternode if you have enough of that particular coin ofc) from your own wallet. Using own wallet beats anything any exchange can offer you, because of the fact that you are keeping your private keys and you do not send your coins anywhere. As long as you have the keys, you are safe. I will be reviewing only coins that I consider significant and with future. There are plenty Proof of Stake currencies with wallets that are allowing staking, however I will mention those I see promise in growth at this point.

1) Energi - NRG Core wallet is offering huge profits as of now. I am not sure how long this will continue, but I plan to benefit from it as much as I can.

2) Tezos (XTZ) -> Staking via Atomic Wallet. Up to 7%/year. You are keeping the keys, once you start staking any XTZ you transfer to the wallet is automatically staked. The staking provider can be changed at any point. The coins are available at any time. It is available on Windows/Android and iOS.

3) Cosmos (ATOM) -> Staking via Atomic Wallet. Up to 11%/year. Same as Tezos, very safe as you are keeping the coins. Here are some limitations, if you decide to withdraw -> there will be 3 weeks delay until the coins are available in your wallet -> Cosmos blockchain rules.

Another way of Staking is to transfer your coins to an Exchange that is offering such service. Here are my top 5 choices for reputable Exchanges that can be used for staking:

1) Binance - currently, they are offering multiple coins available to stake. The most interesting options are:

Tezos 6%-7%/year

Cosmos 6%-9%/year

Tron 7%-9%/year

Stellar 2%-4%/year

There are several more, but those caught my attention. You basically need just to transfer the funds to your Exchange wallet and they will receive profit every day.

2) Kraken - Currently they are offering staking on Tezos, but in future they are planning to add Cosmos and Dash.

3) KuCoin - multiple choices. Best options for me are as follows: EOS, ATOM, TRX, IOST, NRG, IOTX, LOKI, PIVX.

Those are my top choices.


I want to scratch the surface of another topic. For me, the Bitcoin is the "King of Crypto". It represents about 95% of my crypto portfolio and I am looking for a good and relatively safe way to earn interest on BTC. I am open to any ideas.





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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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