Few ways to earn passive crypto using your computer and your smartphone.

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 22 Aug 2019

Hey guys,

I previously created an article about earning Crypto with your phone. Now I want to go one step further - ways to gain passive crypto/FIAT using your PC and smartphone(there will be entries here from the other article). Here we go.

1) Mine using the processing(CPU) power of your PC - there are many ways you can do that, but I will focus here on those that do not require going out of your way to do so.

a) CryptoTab browser (based on chrome source code)- download the browser, log with your Google account in it, use the lever to select the CPU power you want to use and keep it in the background. Of course you can use the browser if you want, but I still prefer Brave and Chrome. The nice part is that the withdraw limit is about 10 cents, which is quite low and it goes directly to your wallet.

b) CoinPot website has an option to mine any of the coins there - BTC, BCH, Doge, DASH, LTC or coinpot tokens directly in the website. You again can choose the power you want to share from your CPU. The internal exchange allows you to withdraw whatever you claim/mine on coinpot directly to your wallet. There is some minimal withdrawals, that are different for each of the currencies -> 100 DOGE, which is about 20-30 cents currently depending on the price.

Of course there are other options that you guys can use, but all of them are related installing miner software and running it and then comes the issue with the withdrawals that are either with high threshold or with high fees - MinerGate, NiceHash, etc. Also keep in Mind any type of mining software, either in browser or a separate one is usually getting blocked by AV programs so you should create an exception about them.

2) Share your internet bandwidth for FIAT on your PC. Use PacketStream - more info here.

3) Share bandwidth with Storj(now Tardigrade). This is an old service that was paying you for your unused disk space with coins called Storj. They have new project now that looks very promising.

4) Electroneum - I'm pretty sure you guys have heard about ETN by now. The phone app (Android and iOS) offers cloud mining, that is inconsistent of how much you make per day. And as far as I am aware you can mine it using an Asic.
If by any chance any of you haven't joined already and wants to, feel free to use my referal code: 48F497
Keep in mind you cannot use multiple devices with different accounts because they have KYC authentication.

5) Phoneum - free cloud mining and a game. More info here: https://www.publish0x.com/welcome-to-my-life/free-cloud-mining-phoneum-token-mobile-xwwlew

6) Pi - cloud mining app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blockchainvault&hl=en
It is an interesting app that works in the background. There is serious team behind it and the whitepaper that you can check and learn more about Pi.
My referral link is(in case anyone wants to join my team): https://minepi.com/dmad2010

Good luck guys, I hope you find that helpful.

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