Energi - The Gen 3 Migration Is Here

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 5 Mar 2020

Hello guys,

important announcement from Energi team. They announced that the Migration to Gen 3 is happening on March 10th - 12:00 PM UTC.


Very important for all users is to remember that not all 3th party wallets, Exchanges, shared pools/masternodes services will support the migration.

This means that everyone should check with their service provider if they will support the migration. If not all coins should be withdrawn as soon as possible to your own Core Wallet or a service that will support the migration. If you do not move the coins to a wallet that will support the migration(Core) you risk losing all your NRG coins.

The full article is here.

I for example am currently safe as my assets are on my own wallet and I have nothing to do. However the people staking at KuCoin, MyCointainer and so on should confirm with the support of each service if this is supported.

Also might be not a bad idea to contact the Energi support - contacts are available in the Medium article I shared above.

I hope this has been useful, guys.

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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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