Cosmos(ATOM) staking with Atomic Wallet

Cosmos(ATOM) staking with Atomic Wallet

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 23 Dec 2019

So guys, I've been very interested lately in the idea of staking different crypto assets. I already shared articles for Tezos and NRG, which are both offering great opportunities. Now I have another one for you. 

Cosmos (ATOM) is currently the 16th biggest cryptocurrency according to Coinmarketcap with market share of over $800 000 000. By itself this is spectacular. It is being traded on big number of Exchanges - including Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex and many others. The price at the moment stands around $4.22 or 0.00055580 BTC.

Currently, the Atomic Wallet offers the option to stake Cosmos in their app with profit margins of over 10% a year.

At this time I have found no good way to earn free ATOM (that would be awersome), but it is still worth you guys to check it.

The full guide of how to complete the steps is here.

You can obtain the coins either in the wallet itself(high minimum requirement) or buy it with USDT or BTC on Binance or any other of the available Exchanges.

What's worth mentioning is that you will be getting monthly awards once you select the staking option and in case if you want to stop staking, the funds will be credited back to your wallet with 3 weeks of delay - which is Cosmos Blockchain rule. The rewards are with minimum amount of 0.01 ATOM and must be "claimed" manually.

I hope you guys find this useful.



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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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