Browser Crypto Earnings - March 2020 review

Browser Crypto Earnings - March 2020 review

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 7 Mar 2020

Disclaimer: You will find referral links in the article. If you do not feel like joining my affiliate networks for the Projects in question I will leave NON-referral link at the end of the article

I have several browser services that I am using to earn crypto currencies. Some of them for a long time, some of them not so much, but let me tell you about my earnings for the past weeks. I will be talking about Brave (Desktop&Mobile), Presearch, CryptoTab and Netbox.

1) The most consistent earner of all of those is CryptoTab  due to the fact I am keeping my desktop PC running 24/7. My earnings are little bit boosted by the referrals I have, but the main chunk of the BTC I make with CryptoTab is coming from my own hash power. Please find my withdrawals starting from January of this year:


All of those are directly being processed to my Blockchain wallet within a day after I request them. It's not a lot of money - but the awesome side effect from this is the fact that I am using the PC as a heater in one of my rooms and it does very good job. I have several articles on CryptoTab, but the one that gives the most facts about it is this one.

2) Presearch - 8 PRE tokens a day for searching Google. This is the cap of tokens you can receive daily for using the Chromium Based(compatible with Chrome, Brave, CryptoTab and Netbox) Extension called Presearch. Basically it adds a 2 second delay between your searches to show you an add - and for this you are getting 0.25 PRE in your account. This means the first 32 searches each day you do are "paid". As of today the cost of the token is about $0.035 and the minimum/maximum withdrawal is 1000 PRE. Which means you can make about $35 every 3-4 months. Additionally you can be earning when you invite people to use the extension, who remain active and earn themselves. My last withdrawal was on 14th February and since then I have earned 136 PRE just searching the web:


The tokens are ERC20 compatible so you can use any of the popular Ethereum wallets that support it.

Additionally you can check my article based on another Presearch feature called Keyword staking which lets you promote your affiliate links among other users of the add-on.

3) Netbox browser - another Chromium based browser. It has integrated crypto node in it for their own Blockchain. The staking program of NBX coin offer about 15% yearly return. Additionally you get rewarded different amounts of NBX every day for your activity within the browser. The most rewarding part of this project is the referral program. You get triple rewards for each person you refer who sticks with the browser for 1 month - 1 NBX on wallet creation, 3 NBX after a week of activity and 6 NBX after a month. For the staking part you need to keep the Browser window open at all times, since it acts as Blockchain node. Anyway, let me show you my rewards for the past 2 months(I joined Netbox around 10th of January). On my wallet creation I received 21 NBX which I started staking. After multiple referrals and constant staking I am sitting on about 155 NBX as of today:


For sure, this is not a big amount of money(about $10), but since it's free of charge to start I think it's no brainer to join the project for everyone.

4) Brave rewards - Brave browser introduced that new feature with the pictures that you see when you open a new tab which is supposed to earn more BAT to the users. However for me the last month or so was very strange on Brave. My earnings on the Desktop version are exactly 0.5 BAT, which is very strange since I use Brave everyday about 50% of the time I spend on the PC.


On the Mobile version of Brave I got another 0.5 BAT, which is even more strange regarding the fact that I do not use any other mobile browser. I can only say I'm a bit surprised that Brave is getting outmatched by the other services I told you about. 

That is it from me. I hope you guys find this topic interesting guys. Please find bellow the NON referral links for each of those projects:





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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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