WEEX Shares Five Real Case Studies of Phishing Scams, Warning Users to Stay Alert

By WEEX | weex | 16 Aug 2023

As WEEX gains popularity and an increasing user base, the number of counterfeit platforms, phishing websites, and fraudulent schemes operating under the name of "WEEX" has been on the rise. To address this issue, WEEX has repeatedly issued statements, provided guidelines on avoiding scams, and exposed various fraudulent traps to help users protect their financial security.


Recently, WEEX received numerous reports from users who fell victim to scams. Today, we are using these real case studies as educational material to once again remind everyone to be vigilant in identifying potential risks and avoid falling into these traps.

Proliferation of Fake Websites:

Case 1: User James inquired on a social platform about weexcp.vip, asking whether it was a legitimate platform affiliated with WEEX or a scam website.


Case 2: User Bertie asked if WEEX supports English and was informed that they could access the platform through weexlua.com, seeking confirmation about its legitimacy.


Case 3: User Li inquired whether weexart.com is the address for WEEX exchange.


Case 4: User Stephan was scammed on weexbr.com, and his account was later suspended. He realized it was not the official WEEX platform.


Case 5: User Felix asked about weexstc.com and weexth.com, wondering if they are related to WEEX.


Currently, weexstc.com is still operational, using the WEEX brand name and logo without providing any platform information, community, or customer support contact details. The website only consists of three pages: homepage, registration, and App download.

Upon investigation, it was found that this domain was registered as recently as December 2022 and the website's IP address is located in Tokyo, Japan. The other five websites mentioned above are no longer accessible.


WEEX Reminder: The only official website for the platform is weex.com. To facilitate access for users in different regions, a few backup domain names have been introduced, and any updates on backup domain names will be officially announced on the website. Currently, WEEX supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese languages, and regardless of the chosen language, the official domain name remains weex.com.

Any other website claiming affiliation with WEEX is fraudulent and deceptive, and users are urged to be cautious. If you come across any suspicious websites, please report them to WEEX for a reward. If you are uncertain about a website, you can use the verification channel provided by WEEX's official website for verification.

Engaging in "Liquidity Mining" and Unable to Withdraw 57,000 USDT:


Case 6: User Lucas reported to WEEX that he invested 57,000 USDT in "WEEX" for liquidity mining but was unable to withdraw the funds, citing reasons such as not meeting withdrawal conditions.


WEEX Reminder: Currently, the platform only offers futures trading, spot trading, and OTC trading, and no liquidity mining or similar financial products are available. Any activities or business changes will be officially announced on the website (weex.com). The so-called "liquidity mining" mentioned is an illegal and criminal activity where scammers use the "WEEX" name to deceive users. If you encounter such situations, please report them to the authorities promptly to minimize potential losses.


Account Frozen, Unable to Withdraw:


Case 7: User Jay complained that despite complying with the platform's tax requirements, he still couldn't withdraw funds. The platform claimed it was due to insufficient "credit score" and asked for an additional 10,000 USDT as "credit points" to restore his score to 100. If he didn't pay, his funds would be donated to a charity. He realized he had fallen victim to a scam.


Case 8: User Leander faced the same issue; as he needed to withdraw funds for repayment, his account funds were frozen, and he couldn't reach the platform's customer service. He contacted WEEX privately on a social platform, offering 10,000 USDT as a "bribe" to help unfreeze his account.


WEEX Reminder: The platform will never restrict customer withdrawals for any reason, nor will it ask users to "pay taxes," provide "collateral," or pay "bribes." There is no such thing as a "credit score," and all withdrawals of supported cryptocurrencies on WEEX are processed in a timely manner. If you encounter any issues, please contact the 24/7 online customer service at the bottom right corner of the official website/app or join the WEEX global community to seek assistance from administrators. Platform staff will never contact users proactively for any reason, and they will never ask for passwords/verification codes or request transfers. If you notice any phishing or fraudulent activities, please report them to the official customer service.


Falling into the Trap of Fake Platforms Offering "Mining" Services:


Case 9: User Gaute inquired whether WEEX has other websites or apps offering services such as mining or if other companies are impersonating WEEX.


WEEX Reminder: Currently, the platform only offers futures trading, spot trading, and OTC trading. There are no services related to "mining." All activities and business changes will be officially announced on the website (weex.com). The only official website for WEEX is weex.com, and when downloading and installing the app, please use the official download channels provided by the website or search for "WEEX" on the iOS/Android official app stores. Avoid accessing any unknown websites or installing apps from unknown sources.


Falling Victim to "Ponzi Schemes" and Losing over 3,600 USD:


Case 10: User Kvam reported that he met a woman named Melanie from Florida through WhatsApp. Melanie asked Kvam to deposit $10,000 into his "WEEX" account, and when Kvam said he didn't have that much money, Melanie suggested depositing a portion instead. As a result, Kvam transferred the funds from his Coinbase account. After the transfer, Kvam couldn't access his "WEEX" account anymore, and Melanie disappeared. Kvam realized he had been scammed.


According to Kvam's provided transaction hash query, nine asset transactions involving USDC, MATIC, USDT, APE, and MANA were made on December 14, 2022, at 01:10:11 AM +UTC, totaling over 3,600 USD.

However, WEEX only supports deposits for BTC, USDT, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, TRX, and DOGE, and none of the mentioned USDC, MATIC, APE, or MANA are supported. Clearly, Richard fell into a "Ponzi scheme" impersonating WEEX.


WEEX Reminder: Each individual is responsible for their assets, and during sensitive operations such as account login, passwords, verification codes, and transfers, it is essential to remain vigilant. Once a transfer is completed, the digital assets belong to the recipient's address, so users must be cautious and develop safe operating habits to avoid fraud.


Remember the official website of WEEX: weex.com. Do not access the platform website through search engines like Google. Instead, manually enter the website URL to avoid phishing websites.


If you encounter any suspicious situations, use the official verification channel of WEEX to confirm legitimacy and prevent phishing and fraud.


Always rely on official announcements, and do not trust or click on unknown links or share them with others. Do not disclose your account information easily. If you have any issues, contact the official customer service as your first step and avoid accepting unsolicited help from "helpful" users.


Enhance account security settings by enabling Google two-factor authentication to improve security. Store your Google key securely and, in case of loss, contact the official customer service to resolve the issue.


Scams in the cryptocurrency market vary greatly, but by remaining vigilant and not easily trusting, most scams can be avoided. Additionally, users should continually learn about the latest scam cases and enhance their awareness of security measures. (To protect the privacy of victims, pseudonyms are used for all individuals mentioned in this article.)


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WEEX is one of the world's top futures exchanges in terms of trading depth. Based in Singapore, WEEX has obtained licenses from the US MSB and Canadian MSB. On WEEX, users can easily follow professional traders with one-click copy trading. The platform has established a 1000 BTC + 10 million USDT Investor Protection Fund and publicly disclosed the hot wallet address of the fund to give users peace of mind.

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