Top 10 Publish0x Posts (1/31/21 - 2/6/21)

By mxrs | Weekly Top 10 | 8 Feb 2021

Here are the top 10 most popular posts from the past week (1/31/21 - 2/6/21) on Publish0x, ranked by amount earned.  

The amount earned will change with time so amounts here may not reflect current values.

I hope you get some value from the posts that resonated most with users last week!

1. Gas Fees are a Killer, But a Solution is on the Horizon! Before that, as a Temporary Measure: Min Withdrawal Increased to $2, by Igor Tomić, $27.71


2. TOP 5 Features On Binance You Need To Know, by Cryptonator`s, $13.29


3. My Crypto Earnings This Month (January), by johnwege, $12.38


4. The Real DeFi Season Is Now Commencing, by Sapphire, $10.90


5. My Daily Bitcoin Routine, by johnwege, $10.62


6. What Are You Doing With Your Ethereum Earned On Publish0x?, by Cryptonator`s, $9.88


7. Ways To Generate Passive Income On Binance - Earn Crypto While You Sleep, by Cryptonator`s, $9.42


8. What Pi Network is up to in 2021?, by McAlex7, $9.37


9. Today I Bought My First Groceries With Crypto Using My New Binance Card, by acesontop, $9.11


10. My Top Five Picks for Aspiring Crypto Coins for February, by pheonixdown-dee, $7.33


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Weekly Top 10
Weekly Top 10

The top 10 posts on Publish0x by amount earned, published weekly. Find posts that resonated with the Publish0x community.

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